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How Life on Earth Destroying Asteroid

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How Life on Earth Destroying Asteroid

Asteroid has repeatedly made life on Earth Hour. Purdue University researchers created a simulation for people to easily determine the impact of asteroids on earth.

People can choose whichever parts of the Earth will be destroyed and how much effect the damage. In fact, can choose how. Tsunami? Earthquake?. According to Professor Jay Melosh, earth and atmospheric scientist at Purdue University, the technology involves damage to the planet that even toddlers can use it.

Actually, the technology that made Melosh is a simulation that is easy to use. This media is presenting a variety of asteroids that could potentially destroy the Earth. By selecting the cosmic rock characteristics such as size, speed, density and so the approach angle, it will be known to damage resulting from collisions of material into Earth space.

That site is in addition to helping teachers provide information about physics and the history of asteroid collision to the students, also help NASA scientists and the U.S. Defense Department study the worst scenario to Earth asteroid collision.

Own solar system has always been a place to show off the collision of matter given the large amount of dust and rock outer space. About 100 tons of dust from comets and asteroids hit Earth every day. This includes rocks at cars, though broken in the atmosphere before it actually reaches the ground. However, every 100 years, great material close to the earth.

For example on June 30, 1908, an asteroid which is estimated to 37 meters in diameter, fell on the River Tunguska, Siberia. It creates an explosion as high as 8500 meters and is equivalent to 185 atomic energy that destroyed Hiroshima. In addition, very wide Barringer Crater in Arizona Padang, probably due to 50-meter wide asteroid that hit the earth 50 thousand years ago. Dinosaurs estimated destroyed by 14 kilometers wide asteroid that hit Earth 65 million years ago.

Since 1995, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), NASA considers the attack as the most serious asteroid. They track asteroids near Earth with the help of the Palomar Observatory at the California Institute. Although JPL sent many warnings, but the asteroid danger still exists.

Last April, for example, an asteroid named 2010 GA6 near the Earth with a distance of 270 thousand miles. This is just a little farther than the distance of 30 thousand months. Three months earlier, another object even at a distance of 76 thousand miles.

Program to keep the Earth not only made the U.S. Defense Department and NASA, but also the U.S. Air Force, United State Geological Survey (USGS) and the governments of other countries. They create scenarios pascabenana and explore technologies that can track the arrival of an asteroid. The method includes the use of unmanned spacecraft.

Studies using web media sooner, though less academic in publicizing the impact of an asteroid. Asteroids can cause unforeseen factors such as the impact of kilotons of energy, the radius of the debris of asteroids and other.

In fact, this calculation is very important to determine the potential impact of disasters, said John Spray, director of the center of planetary and space sciences at the University of New Brunswick, Canada. However, this simulation is widely used is positive because government agencies and scientific groups to study the events space.

Apocalypse According to Science Universe

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Apocalypse According to Science UniverseSigns of ApocalypseApocalypse According to Science Universe
That the earth will fall apart like cotton flying. Some research scientists prove that the apocalypse is a certainty. Only when that happens is the secret of Allah. However, let us look at the view and the calculation of the scientists.If we diligently hear the testimonies from web NASA, they've said that already many planets turn around. If the planet is the sun still rises from the east, then in some years there are some new phenomenon that they think other planets and have started to turn toward the sun rises from the west. From the scientific side, this is a sign of end times approaching apocalypse.
First: About Planet X (Nibiru).

Is according to the scientists, of the many planets that turn round. They found a planet from another galaxy who move into orbits in our solar system. The planet is then given the name of Planet X (Nibiru).Planet X
Planet Nibiru are other stars who are interested in solar gravity and go into our own solar. Worse he evolved opposed to the revolution of the earth and other planets in our solar. Track fit in the path of the earth. So at a time the earth will be hit by large objects 100 times with equally devastating super speed. You can imagine what kind of possibilities. It must be shattered.
This is the comparison of the earth by Nibiru

Scientists call 50 years planet x it will enter the orbit of our solar system discovered since 2003. Resurrection means may occur in the year 2053? Allah is the All-Knowing and Almighty.
Something like this if we are in a hit-earthThe second. Cloud Smith.
Smith's Cloud, named Gail Smith, a U.S. astronomer who first detected it in 1963 while researching at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands.Cloud Smith
Smith's Cloud is a giant clouds of gas containing hydrogen in very large volume was shot near the Milky Way disk, where our solar system is located. When viewed from Earth, the cloud width is proportional to 30 times the width of the Moon. Cloud Smith brings enormous energy in the form of hydrogen gas enough to form millions of stars about the size of the Sun. Smith is a blob of gas clouds the size of achieving 11,000 light-years long and 2500 light-years wide.

The object is currently located 40,000 light years from Earth and 8,000 light years from the Milky Way disk. The object that deserves to be called fog monsters in this cosmos of space moving at 240 kilometers per second and is expected to crash into the Milky Way disk with an inclination of 45 degrees predicted a massive collision occurred between 20-40 million years from now will produce spectacular fireworks in the sky.
Third: the Andromeda galaxy collision.Andromeda Galaxy.
The galaxy closest to us is the Andromeda galaxy. Currently hovering near the Milky Way galaxy Andromeda with speed of 300,000 miles per hour, 100 times faster than a bullet shot at high speed. When colliding, Milky Way galaxy Andromeda will change us forever.

Estimates; Milky Way will collide with the Andromeda Galaxy 2.5 million light years away from Earth. Worried? Not yet, because the occurrence is still four billion years away.

Wow, the Earth We Will Soon Have 2 Sun

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Wow, the Earth We Will Soon Have 2 Sun

source: # ixzz1CtpihWM1

This is not an ordinary news. Soon, Earth will have two sun, a depiction that is often seen in the movie Star Wars. Shocking news, a new sun would soon appear in the sky.

Red super star in the Orion nebula, Betelgeuse
, predicted to be approached and supernova reached Earth before 2012. The two biggest stars in the universe is estimated to lose weight is an indication of the mass and gravity and the collapse and loss of carrying capacity.

When that happens, Earth will have two sun. This was conveyed by Dr. Brad Carter, a lecturer in Physics at the University of Southern Queensland.

"This old star has already lost a lot of fuel in the core," explained Carter. According to him, the fuel that makes Betelgeuse still shine and survive. However, when it lost its support, this star will fall. When the big explosion happens the light 10 million times brighter than the sun.

The bad news, this explosion could occur millions of years. "This is the end of the star's history and at night would be like during the day on earth," explained Carter. According to him, when an explosion will produce extraordinary light for several weeks to several months before finally dimmed and can not be seen again.

The Smallest Ever Dinosaurs Live in North America

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The Smallest Ever Dinosaurs Live in North America

Among the giant reptiles that lived in ancient times, there was chicken-sized dinosaur. Perhaps this is the smallest dinosaur that ever lived in North America millions of years ago.

Dinosaur species named Albertonykus borealis is a member of the group of dinosaurs called Alvarezsaurus. Group of ancient animals that once inhabited also Asia and South America.
Only 70 centimeters high and is the smallest group Alvarezsaurus ever found. Its existence is known from dozens of arm and leg bone fossil found in Alberta Canada since 2002. However, the new analysis completed this year and found that 70 million years old.

"They really are a strange animal," said Nick Longrich, a paleontologist at the University of Calgary Canada who together with his team reported the findings in the latest edition of the journal Cretaceous Research. Imagine, these animals have a strong snout like a clamp, slender legs like a bird, long tail and stiff, and short sleeves like T-rex.

Despite the short arm, its function may remain important. At the end there are two of his fingers and a thumb is long and curved like claws.

The researchers suspect the dinosaur preys on small insects. This can be seen from the small teeth. A strong thumb and a sharp probe tree holes may be used to search for ants or termites.

New Theory, Methane Gas Causes Number Of Ships Lost in Bermuda

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New Theory, Methane Gas Causes Number Of Ships Lost in Bermuda

The mystery disappearance of some ships and aircraft in the area called "Bermuda Triangle" has led to new theories.Put away our expectations about an alien spacecraft, the anomaly time, the giant pyramid of Atlantis, or meteorological phenomena.

Bermuda Triangle is a common phenomenon of acute gas, according to the Natural gas, as gas produced by boiling water. Primarily methane, is the prime suspect behind the disappearance of some aircraft and ships.

Evidence from the discovery that brought a new perspective on the mysteries that haunt the world for many years was contained in the reports the American Journal of Physics.
Methane Gas Bermuda
Professor Joseph Monaghan examine the hypothesis was accompanied by David May at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

Two hypotheses of the study is the giant balloons of methane gas out of the ocean floor that cause most (not saying all) of a mysterious accident at that location.

Ivan T Sanderson actually have identified the mysterious zones during the 1960's. Sanderson even really describe the mysterious zones more than a diamond shaped like a triangle.

Sanderson found that not only the Bermuda Triangle but the Japan Sea and North Sea are two areas where mysterious events are common.The Oseanograf who roam on the seabed of the Bermuda Triangle and the North Sea, the region between mainland Europe and the United Kingdom reported finding a lot of methane content and sites of former landslide.

Departure from this connection and the available data, two researchers describe what happens when a giant balloon burst of methane from the seabed.

Methane is usually frozen under a layer of underground rock, get out and turn into a gas balloon dilated geometrically when he moves to the top. When it reaches the surface of water, gas-filled balloon that will continue to grow upward and outward.

This theory was successfully tested in the laboratory and the results satisfy some people on a reasonable explanation about the mysterious disappearance of planes and ships that pass in the area.

According to Bill Dillon of the U.S. Geological Survey, water-white glow that was the cause. In the area of Bermuda triangle of death, and also in several other areas along the coast of the continent, there is a "mine methane."
The mine is formed when methane gas accumulated beneath the sea floor that can not be penetrated. This gas can escape if a sudden sea floor cracked.

Training while also satisfying passage was abysmal. With awesome power, the stack gas was sprayed onto the surface while boiling water, forming methane hydrate compounds.
Water that passed through this gas to boil until it looks like a "water-white glow." Blow out a similar thing that ever happened in the Caspian Sea has a lot to swallow the oil drilling platform as a victim.

Rescuers who are deployed do not find the rest at all. Perhaps because the tools and people who become the victims of whirlpool sucked, and fell into the hole former seafloor cracks, and soil and water that originally went up but then settles again on the sea floor, piled them all.

Each ship is trapped inside a giant helium balloon that will immediately falter and sink to the bottom of the ocean. If the balloon is large enough and has sufficient density, then the aircraft can be struck down by it.

Aircraft methane trapped in a giant balloon, likely suffered because it was covered by machine keruskan methane and immediately lost its godfather.