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Bermuda Triangle

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Bermuda Triangle
For those of you who like mystery stories, surely recognize the Bermuda Triangle. Marine area in the southern United States with a point angle of Miami (Florida), Puerto Rico (Jamaica), and Bermuda, has for centuries save the story unresolved. Mystery after mystery even been recorded by the rover of the ocean sort of Christopher Columbus.

More than that, not far from the ship, one night all of a sudden the crew were surprised by the appearance of fire balls just plunge into the sea. They also saw streaks of light from the horizon and then just disappeared.

That's the Bermuda Triangle. In this region, such as the six senses are haunted by the
'atmosphere' that is not usual. But once Columbus entourage is relatively lucky, because only treated to 'show'. Another passer-by passer another.

In another story, the Bermuda Triangle also has silenced dozens of planes that pass through it. The biggest event around 1990 and then later revealed disappearance convoy was five Grumman TBF Avenger U.S. Navy who were on patrol across this sea area during the day December 5, 1945. After about two hours flight flight commander reported that he and his men as disoriented. A few minutes later it was the fifth TBF Avenger had vanished without a SOS signal.

Loss of C-119

Another wonderful story is the loss of C-119 transport aircraft Flying Boxcar on June 7, 1965. Double engine plane owned heifers U.S. Air Force cargo is loaded, that day at 7:47 took off from Homestead air base. The plane with 10 crew was flying toward Airport Grand Turk, Bahamas, and is expected to land at 11:23.

The plane is actually almost finished its journey. It is known from radio contacts are still audible until around 11. Indeed there was nothing suspicious. Technical malfunction also never reported. But Boxcar never reached destinat

"In the last radio contact there was no indication of anything that the plane was having problems. But after that we lost trace of him, "so said a spokesman for the Rescue of Miami Beach. "It is probable that the aircraft suffered control problems direction (steering trouble) to stray into the other direction," he added.

"It's really weird. A plane flying to the south Bahamas and just disappear without a trace, "commented a veteran pilot of World War II.

Many theories then linked with all the events there. There is mention of time bending theory, the gravitational field upside down, abrasion atmosphere, and there is also the theory of magnetic-gravity anoma
ly. There was also an associate with the phenomenon gampa sea, tidal wave attack, until the black hole (black-hole), which only occurs in outer space there. Analysis of strange indeed, but still none could explain it.

Up until now, has many responses or theories about events peristiwan strange and supernatural-that occurred in the area they will be, among others:

* An argument from a Marine Insurance Company

Marine insurance company Lloyd's of London claimed that the Bermuda triangle is not a dangerous seas and oceans the same as usual throughout the world, provided it does not carry freight beyond the provision when through the region. The Coast Guard confirmed the decision. The explanation is considered reasonable, plus the number of observation and investigation of cases.

* Theory Lorong Left

According to some researchers, perhaps this region there is an atmospheric disturbance in the air in the form of a hole in that hole langit.Ke aircraft entered without able to get out again. From the mystery of "Hole in the Sky" is forming a theory about the existence of such a nexus between the world with another dimension. hole in the sky was considered a kind of means of transportation, as seen in Star Trek. Or a hole in the sky was the UFO? People often link the loss of our aircraft with the appearance of UFOs.

* Blue Hole

It is said that on the sea floor there is a kind of Bermuda triangle hole / cave bottom of the sea, this cave was indeed really there, but setelahjaman ice passes, inside this cave tertutup.Arus very strong and often create a powerful vortex suction. many small ships or man is sucked into the blue hole was without power, and surprisingly small ships that exploited it will come back to sea after a long time.
But that begs the question is: Could the Blue Hole is able to swallow
giant ship into the ocean floor?

* Methane Gas

Another explanation of the disappearance of several events of aircraft and ships under mysterious is the presence of methane gas in the waters. This theory was first published for 1981 by the United States Geological Investigation Agency. This theory was successfully tested in the laboratory and the results satisfy some people on a reasonable explanation about the mysterious disappearance of planes and ships that pass in the area.

* Tongue Ocean Mysteries

Bermuda Triangle area is often also referred to as the Tongue of the Ocean or Sea Aloe Lautan.Lidah have underwater abyss (canyon). There were several accidents there. Not much is yet known about the Bermuda Triangle, so people connecte
d with the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is another mystery. For example, the mystery of the Sea Dragon has ever appeared in the Cape Ann, Massachusetts USA, in August 1917.

* Mystery Creature Sargasso

Another mystery that still has not been revealed is the mystery of the Sargasso Sea Creatures, which are not purely imaginary. In the Sargasso Sea, many ships that never gets to its destination and buried in the seabed. There gathered ships from various ages, treasure trove, the bodies of human bones. Wide Sargasso Sea of Mystery is 3650 km to 1825 km long and wide, and the strong currents flowing around it once, thus forming a vast vortex that rotates slowly clockwise.

* Tornado

Perhaps in this area often occur sea storms that might form a swirling wind which can lead to the destruction of an aircraft because terhempaskan.

* Some Other Explanation

Some say the Bermuda Triangle because it is a base where UFO group of outer space creatures / aliens who do not want disturbed by humans, so that any vehicle passing through the territory would be exploited and abducted. Others say that the cause is because of the source of the biggest magnets are embedded in the earth beneath the Bermuda Triangle, so that the metal tons and tonpun may be attracted to the inside. And some say even the Bermuda Triangle is the central meeting point between the flow of cold water with hot water flow, which will result in a large whirlpool / terrible.

These are miraculous events that occurred in the Bermuda Triangle:

* 1840: HMS Rosalie
* 1872: The Mary Celeste, one of the greatest mystery of the disappearance of several ships in the Bermuda triangle
* 1909: The Spray
* 1917: SS Timandra
* 1918: USS Cyclops (AC-4) disappeared in the stormy sea, but before leaving the control tower to say that the sea was calm, not possible storm, very good for shipping
* 1926: SS Suduffco missing in bad weather
* 1938: HMS Anglo Australian disappear. Though the report said the weather was very calm day
* 1945: Flight 19 disappeared
* 1952: British York transport plane lost with 33 passengers
* 1962: U.S. Air Force KB-50, a tanker, disappeared
* 1970: French ship goods, Milton Latrides disappeared; sailed from New Orleans to Cape Town.
* 1972: German Ship, Anita (20,000 tons), disappeared with 32 crew
* 1976: SS Sylvia L. Ossa disappeared in the sea 140 miles west of Bermuda.
* 1978: Douglas DC-3 Argosy Airlines Flight 902, disappeared after takeoff and lost radio contact
* 1980: SS Poet; sailed to Egypt, disappeared in the storm
* 1995: Ship Jamanic K (made in 1943) were reported missing after going through Cap Haitien
* 1997: The mariner disappear from German yacht
* 1999: Freighter Genesis disappeared after sailing from Port of Spain to St Vincent.

The greenhouse effect

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The greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect, which was first proposed by Joseph Fourier in 1824, is a process of heating the surface of an object (especially a planet or satellite) caused by the composition and state of the atmosphere.

Mars, Venus, and other celestial bodies beratmosfer (such as a natural satellite of Saturn, Titan) have greenhouse effect, but this article only discusses the influence on the Earth. The greenhouse effect for each of the heavenly bodies had to be discussed in each article.

The greenhouse effect can be used to designate two different things: the natural greenhouse effect which occurs naturally in the earth, and the enhanced greenhouse effect caused by human activities (see also global warming). A rear accepted by all; the first accepted by most scientists, although there are some differences of opinion.


The greenhouse effect caused by rising concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases in the atmosphere. The increase in CO2 concentration is caused by increased burning of fuel oil, coal and other organic fuels which exceed the ability of plants and oceans to absorb them.

Energy into the Earth:

* 25% reflected by clouds or other particles in the atmosphere
* 25% absorbed by clouds
* 45% absorbed by the earth's surface
* 5% reflected back by the earth's surface

The absorbed energy reflected back in the form of infrared radiation by the clouds and the earth's surface. But most of the infrared emitted by the clouds and the earth retained CO2 and other gases, to be returned to the earth's surface. Under normal circumstances, the greenhouse effect is required, with the greenhouse effect temperature difference between day and night on earth is not too much different.

Besides CO2, which can cause the greenhouse effect is sulfur dioxide, nitrogen monoxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and some organic compounds such as methane and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). These gases play an important role in enhancing the greenhouse effect.


Increasing the temperature of the earth's surface will result in a very extreme climate changes on earth. This can lead to disruption of forests and other ecosystems, thereby reducing its ability to absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Global warming caused the melting of icebergs in the polar regions that could lead to rising sea levels. The greenhouse effect will also lead to rising sea temperatures that occur sea water expands and sea level rise which resulted in the island nation will get a very big influence.

According to the simulation calculation, the greenhouse effect has increased the Earth's average temperature 1-5 ° C. If the trend of increased greenhouse gases remain as it is now global warming will cause an increase between 1.5 to 4.5 ° C around the year 2030. With increasing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, the more heat waves reflected from the surface of the earth's atmosphere is absorbed. This will cause the earth's surface temperature to rise.

2012, Sun, and Bosscha

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2012, Sun, and Bosscha

If listening to a discourse about the so-called Apocalypse 2012 based on the Mayan calendar system, there are important arguments around the Sun. Among others mentioned, in the year 2012 solar activity, which has been started since 2003, will reach its peak. In addition, the Sun and the Earth will be aligned with a dark hallway in the center of the Milky Way.

Sure, the Sun is very central to the Solar System, especially the Earth and life in the biosphere. If there is increased activity there, the Earth would be subject to influence. However, Sun has been routinely undergo cycles of activity which berperiode 11 years-it-for more than four billion years and so far fine.

Now, along with the outbreak of a book about the Apocalypse 2012, as well as Hollywood movies on the same theme, also appears rebuttal, not just from the head of the Maya, but also from among astronomy. Easy to understand if the astronomy then a voice. This is because the news of 2012 Doomsday spreader much mention of celestial bodies, as it can strengthen their scenarios stretcher.

In fact, the basic scenario itself, the Mayan calendar, does not differ much with the modern calendar. If the Mayan calendar has a variety of cycles of length berlain-lainan, we also have something similar. So, if the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, it could happen to us as of December 31, 1999. The next day after that date, ie January 1, 2000, will begin a new cycle, whether it is based on days, years, decades, centuries or millennia.

As we have seen, the end of various cycles on December 31, 1999 was not accompanied by a apocalypse is not it?

What about perjajaran between Earth, Sun, and the central Milky Way? Disseminator of Resurrection said, when perjajaran would cause tidal forces that would trigger a devastating earthquake to finish history of the world. Pairs of the same style will also trigger a solar storm that will destroy Earth. In fact, for added effect, the planets will line up also called on December 21, 2012.

Apparently, after being reviewed carefully, Sun will not cover (menggerhanai) center of the galaxy. Even if Sun can cover the center of the galaxy, tidal effects can be ignored, writes Paul A Heckert was quoted at the beginning of this paper.

With that explanation, 2012 Doomsday scenarios do not need to be taken seriously.

Based on the theory of evolution (birth and death) star, where the Sun is one of them, the Sun is about five billion years from now will expand into a red giant star that will fry the Earth. However, not five-billion-year time period is still very, very long time for a human?

However, for practical purposes, eg to correlate solar activity and communication disorders, or to learn more about the properties of the Sun, the study of the Sun is still important. And this is apparently shown by the Bosscha Observatory in Lembang, West Java.

Research Bosscha

During this time, the Observatory Bosscha better known for his research in the field dual structure of galaxies and stars. Solar research intensively and extensively carried out by the Institute of Aviation and Space Agency (Lapan).

However, last Saturday, October 31, rector of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), represented by the Dean of Science Faculty Akhmaloka solar telescope inaugurated direct broadcast (real time). Sun observation system consisting of three telescopes that work on three-lainan berlain wavelength was made with assistance from the Netherlands and architectures done by many researchers and engineers ITB itself.

Telescope system as seen from the figure is much smaller than is generally available in Bosscha telescope consists of a telescope that works in the visual wave, where to get the image of the Sun, its rays first attenuated by 100,000 times. For monitoring, the image of the Sun projected on a surface that can be viewed safely. This is necessary because in addition to research, this facility is also used for community education.

Two other telescopes each one to study low chromosphere and another to study the high chromosphere.

Adding a festive ceremony, also attended the sun from the Dutch physicist, Rob Rutten, who that morning describing the progress of solar physics research and the challenges faced.

Comparing the presentation material, which is equipped with the image of the Sun by shooting live using advanced solar telescope, of course what is gained by the telescope at Bosscha not unrivaled.

Indonesian Contributions

Bosscha Observatory Director Taufiq Hidayat in greeting the introduction mentions, the agency he leads are fortunate to continue to cooperate with a number of institutions outside the country to support the scientific activity. While researchers in Bosscha Sun, Dhani Herdiwijaya, in addition to describing the various aspects of research on solar physics also expressed his hope to get detailed results about the Sun.

Inauguration of solar telescope in Bosscha appears as the momentum for the revival of interest in solar research.

Along with the commemoration of International Year of Astronomy 2009, lasted 400 years is also warning the observation of sunspots. In this context, there are still many human task to further deepen all-round thing about the Sun, the star which is the source of life on Earth. Natural as it is now, according to Divine scenario, will still be stretched five billion years from now, not until 2012.

How to Maintain Natural Digestive Health

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How to Maintain Natural Digestive Health

The food we eat is very influential on our digestive health. Traditionally, China's main principle is to eat regularly at a specified time. Often we eat, when our bodies do not need it, when we do not have enough digestive stomach acid to digest food. It makes no tercena with good food. Experience has shown that irregular makanyang cause digestive problems.

Some of the suggestions below, you can apply to maintain your digestive health:

1. Do not overeat, this can help your digestion to be able to digest the food properly
2. Do not chew the food too quickly, because this does not give your digestion a chance enough time to digest
3. Avoid eating in the middle of the night. Because it makes the body use energy Yin (because night work is the Yin energy), and the food is not processed again at night.
4. Excessive dietary cause weakness in your digestive and lymph.
5. Eating while walking or standing is not recommended, because it would result in blockage of your digestive energy.
6. Eating when stressed or worried, it is not good because it can cause abdominal pain and nausea. Likewise with eating when angry. Bilaanda often suffer from digestive disorders can be provided in your home, some of the following preparations: a drink containing lactobacillus (widely available in supermarkets), peppermint, chamomile and ginger herbal tea.

Some of the food according to Chinese medicine that can strengthen your digestion:

1. Grain
2. Sweet potatoes, is said to strengthen the internal organs and strengthen the body's energy, yam,
3. Pumpkin has a high content of various minerals and vitamins, including vitamin A, calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Sitting position and overworked can weaken the spleen meridian and digestion. Morning walk on a regular basis to assist digestion. You can also try stretching exercises on the spleen meridian and intestinal / digestion. Stretching is done with the knees bent and looked into the back of the head body (eyes facing the ceiling) and supported by the hand holding the floor.

Keep your spine stretch. Smell the air and stack your weight on your hands. Your Exhale slowly, drop your head backward and always in a state of relaxation. Make sure your muscles become warm after stretching for 10 minutes. When you first might be difficult, after a week to a month you'll get used to doing it.

The lost continent of Atlantis

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Atlantis, Atalantis, [1] or the Atlantic [1] (Greek: 峒 埾 勎 晃 蔽 较 勧 蕉 蟼 谓 峥 喯 兾 肯 "island of Atlas") is a legendary island first mentioned by Plato in Timaeus and Critias book. [2]

In her notes, Plato wrote that Atlantis lies "beyond the pillars of Hercules", and has a navy that conquered Western Europe and Africa 9,000 years before the time of Solon, or approximately 9500 years BC. After failing to attack Greece, Atlantis sank into the ocean "in just one day one night."
Atlantis is generally regarded as a myth created by Plato to illustrate the political theory. Although the function of Atlantis story clearly visible to most experts, they debated whether and how much Plato notes inspired by older traditions. Some experts say that Plato described the events that have been passed, such as the Thera eruption or the Trojan war, while others claimed that he was inspired by contemporary events such as the destruction of Helike year 373 BC or the failed invasion of Athens to Sicily in 415-413 BC.

People often talk about the existence of Atlantis during the Classical Era, but generally do not believe it and sometimes making jokes. The story of Atlantis is less known in the Middle Ages, however, in the modern era, the story of Atlantis was rediscovered. Plato's description inspired the works of Renaissance writers, such as "New Atlantis" by Francis Bacon. Atlantis also affect modern literature, from science fiction to comic books and movies. His name has become a byword for all that advanced prehistoric civilization (and lost).

Plato Notes

Two of Plato's dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, written in 360 BC, contains the first references to Atlantis. Plato's Critias was never completed due to unknown reasons, however, experts named Benjamin Jowett, and several other experts, argues that Plato originally planned to make a third record, entitled Hermocrates. John V. Luce assumes that Plato - after describing the origin of the world and mankind in Timaeus, and also the perfect community of ancient Athens and its success in defending themselves from attack Atlantis in Critias - would discuss strategies Helenik civilization during their conflict with the barbarians as a subject of discussion in Hermocrates.

The four characters that appear in both records are the politicians Critias and Hermocrates and also philosophers Socrates and Timaeus, although only Critias speaks of Atlantis. Although all the characters are historical figures (only first three characters are taken), [3] the note may be a work of fiction of Plato. In his written works, Plato uses Socratic dialogue to discuss the opposite position in relation to forecasts.

Timaeus begins with the opening, followed by record-making and the structure of the universe and ancient civilizations. In the opening section, Socrates pondering about the perfect community, which is described in Plato's Republic, and wondered if he and his guests can remember a story that exemplifies the civilization like that.

In the book Timaeus, Plato recounts:
"In front of Mainstay Haigelisi Strait, there is a very large island, from there you can go to other islands, in front of the islands is entirely inland sea surrounded by the ocean, it is the kingdom of Atlantis. When the new Atlantis will launch a major war with Athens, but unexpectedly, Atlantis suddenly experienced an earthquake and flood, not until a day and night, completely submerged under the sea, beyond the great state of high civilization, disappeared overnight. [ 4] "
Poseidon works of Bronzino (1503-1572).

Critias mention that allegedly historical tale that will provide a perfect example, and followed by a description of Atlantis. In her notes, ancient Athens represents "perfect community" and Atlantis was his enemy, representing the very antithesis of the perfect traits is described in the Republic. Critias claims that his notes about ancient Athens and Atlantis wing from a visit to Egypt by the poet of Athens, Solon in the 6th century BC. In Egypt, Solon met priest of Sais, who translated the history of ancient Athens and Atlantis, recorded on heroglif papiri in Egypt, the Greek language. According to Plutarch, Solon met with "Psenophis Heliopolis, and Sonchis Saite, the most studied of all the priests" (Life of Solon). Because the distance of 500 years between Plutarch and events which are as a reason or excuse, and because the information is not currently in Timaeus and Critias, this identification is questionable.

According to Critias, god Helenik dividing the territory so that each god could have; Poseidon inherit the island of Atlantis. The island was larger than Libya and Asia Minor ancient united, [1] but will be drowned by the earthquake and the number of impassable mud, blocking the way across the ocean. The Egyptians described Atlantis as an island located approximately 700 kilometers, mostly consists of mountains in the north and along the coast, and oblong shaped round grasslands in the south "extending in one direction three thousand stadia (about 600 km), but in the middle about two thousand stadia (400 miles).

Atlantis native woman named Cleito (daughter of Evenor and Leucippe) live here. Poseidon fell in love with her, then marry the young girl and gave birth to five pairs of twin boys. Poseidon divided the island into 10 regions, each of which submitted in 10 children. The eldest, Atlas, became king of the island and surrounding ocean (called the Atlantic Ocean in honor of Atlas). The name "Atlantis" is also derived from its name, which berari "Island of Atlas".

Poseidon carved the mountain where his girlfriend lived into the palace and closed it with three circular trench width increases, varying from one to three stadia and separated by rings of land which is comparable magnitude. Atlantis nation then build a bridge to the north of the mountains, making the route to the rest of the island. They dug a large canal to the sea, and beside the bridge, made of stone cave into the ring so that ships can pass and get into the city around the mountain, they made a pier of stone wall trench. Every entrance to the city guarded by gates and towers, and walls surrounding each ring of the city. Wall was established from the red rocks, white and black are derived from the trench, and covered with brass, tin and orichalcum (bronze or brass).

According to Critias, 9,000 years before his birth, war between nations that are outside the Pillars of Hercules (generally thought to Strait of Gibraltar), with people who live in the Pillar. Nations conquered Atlantis Egypt and Libya as far as the European continent as far as Tirenia, and made its inhabitants slaves. Athenians led an alliance against the empire of Atlantis, and when the alliance was destroyed, Athens against the empire of Atlantis itself, liberating the occupied territory. However, later, came the earthquake and flooding in Atlantis, and just in one day one night, the island of Atlantis sank and disappeared.

Other ancient records

Timaeus and Critias addition, there are no ancient records of Atlantis, which means every other records of Atlantis based on Plato's record.

Many ancient philosophers consider Atlantis as fiction, including (according to Strabo) Aristotle. However, there are philosophers, geographers and historians who believe in the existence of Atlantis. [5] Crantor philosopher, pupil of the pupil of Plato, Xenocrates, tried to find evidence of the existence of Atlantis. His work, comments on the Timaeus, is lost, but another ancient historian, Proclus, reports that Crantor traveled to Egypt and found the column to the history of Atlantis written in letters heroglif. [6] Plato never mentions that column. According to the Greek philosopher, Solon saw the Atlantis story a different source that can be "taken for granted". [7]

Another part of the 5th century commentary on the Timaeus Proclus gave descriptions of geography Atlantis. According to them, there are seven islands in the sea at the time, the holy land to Persephone, and also the other three with a big huge, one of the holy land to Pluto, another to Ammon, and the last of them to Poseidon, with an area of thousands of stadia . Residents add-keep-their memories of their ancestors on the big island of Atlantis ever existed and has been in power for all islands in the Atlantic sea, sacred to Poseidon. Now, it has been written in Aethiopica Marcellus. "[8] Marcellus still not identified.

Historians and other ancient philosophers who believe in the existence of Atlantis is Strabo and Posidonius. [9]

Notes to Plato on Atlantis also has inspired several imitations parodik: only a few decades after the Timaeus and Critias, the historian Theopompus of Chios wrote of the region called Meropis. Description of this region is in Book 8 Philippica, which contains a dialogue between King Midas and Silenus, a friend of Dionysus. Silenus describes Meropid Nations, the human race is growing two times the normal body size, and inhabit two cities on the island Meropis (Cos?): Eusebes (Εὐσεβής, "city Pious") and Machimos (Μάχιμος, "city-Battle"). He also reported that the armed forces as much as ten million soldiers across the ocean to conquer Hyperborea, but leave this proposal when they realized that the nation is a nation Hyperborea in the world. Heinz-Günther Nesselrath stated that the story of Silenus is plagiarism story of Atlantis, Plato's idea to disassemble reason to mock. [10]

Zoticus, a Neoplatonic philosopher in the 3rd century, wrote a poem based on Plato's record of Atlantis. [11]

The 4th century historian, Ammianus Marcellinus, based on the work Timagenes (historian of the 1st century BC) is missing, writes that the Druids of Gaul, Gallic said that some of the residents migrated from the distant islands. Note Ammianus regarded by some as a claim that when Atlantis sank, its inhabitants fled to western Europe, but Ammianus says that "Drasidae (Druids) called back that portion of the population is indigenous but others also migrated from the islands and territory across the Rhine" ( Res Gestae 15.9), a sign that the immigrants came to Gaul from the north and east, not from the Atlantic Ocean. [12]

Hebrew treatise on astronomical calculations in the year 1378/79, which is a paraphrase of early Islamic works of unknown, offensive mythology of Atlantis in discussions regarding the determination of longitude zero point calculations. [13]

Modern Notes

Francis Bacon's 1627 novel, The New Atlantis (New Atlantis), describing the utopian community called Bensalem, located on the west coast of America. The characters in this novel gives the history of Atlantis that is similar to Plato's record. It is not clear whether Bacon called the North America or South America.

Novel In 1728 Isaac Newton, The Chronology of the Ancient Kingdoms Amended (Chronology of Ancient Kingdom Developing), studying the various relationships mythology with Atlantis. [14]

In the mid and late 19th century, some Mesoamerican scholars, starting with Charles Etienne Brasseur de Bourbourg, and including Edward Herbert Thompson and Augustus Le Plongeon, states that Atlantis was associated with the Mayan and Aztec civilizations.

In 1882, Ignatius L. Donnelly publish Atlantis: The Antediluvian World. His work attracted many people of Atlantis. Donnelly took Plato's record of Atlantis seriously and stated that all ancient civilizations known to have come from the high Neolithic culture.

During the late 19th century, the idea about the legends of Atlantis are combined with stories of "lost continent", such as Mu and Lemuria. Helena Blavatsky, "Grandmother Movements New Era", wrote in The Secret Doctrine (Secret Doctrine), that the Atlantis is a cultural hero (in contrast to Plato who describes them as a military problem), and "Root Race" to-4, which passed by "Aryan Race". Rudolf Steiner wrote of cultural evolution of Mu or Atlantis. Edgar Cayce, Atlantis was first mentioned in 1923, [15] and later explained that the location of Atlantis was in the Caribbean, and declare that the Atlantis is a high evolved ancient civilization, has now sunk, which has ships and aircraft using the energy in the form of a mysterious crystal energy . He also predicts that part of Atlantis would rise to the surface in 1968 or 1969. Bimini Road, found by Dr.J Manson Valentine, is a sinking rock formation that looks like a road on the north side of North Bimini Islands. This road was found in 1968 and claimed as evidence of a lost civilization and is still studied.

It has been claimed that before the era of Eratosthenes in 250 BC, Greek writers state that the location of the Pillars of Hercules on the Strait of Sicily, but there is no sufficient evidence to prove it. According to Herodotus (circa 430 BC), finish expedition had sailed around Africa on the orders of Pharaoh Necho, sailed into the southern Red Sea and Indian Ocean and the north in the Atlantic, re-entering the Mediterranean through the Pillars of Hercules. Description in the northwest African explains that he locate the Pillars of Hercules to the right where the pillars of Hercules are currently located. The belief that the pillars of Hercules which had been placed in the Strait of Sicily, according to Eratosthenes, has been quoted in several theories of Atlantis.

Nationalist Ideas

The concept of Atlantis draw attention Nazi theorists. In 1938, Heinrich Himmler organized a search in Tibet to find the rest of the nation's white Atlantis. According to Julius Evola (Revolt Against the Modern World, 1934), the Atlantis is superhuman (Übermensch) Hyperborea-Nordic from the North Pole (see Thule). Alfred Rosenberg (The Myth of the Twentieth Century, 1930) also speaks of the head race "Nordic-Atlantis" or "Aryan-Nordic".

Recent hypotheses

With the theory of continental drift was widely accepted during the 1960's, most of the theory of "Lost Continent" Atlantis began to dwindle in popularity. Some recent theorists propose that elements of Plato's story comes from early mythology.

Location Hypothesis

Since Donnelly, there are dozens - even hundreds - the proposed location of Atlantis. Several hypotheses are archaeological or scientific hypothesis, while others are based on physics or other. Many of the proposals that have similar characteristics with the story of Atlantis (water, major disasters, the relevant time period), but none proved successful as the real story of the history of Atlantis.

Most of the proposed locations are at or around the Mediterranean Sea. The island like Sardinia, Crete and Santorini, Sicily, Cyprus and Malta; cities like Troy, Tartessos, and Tantalus (in the province of Manisa), Turkey, and Israel-Sinai or Canaan. The eruption of Thera in the 17th century BC-16 or to cause a large tsunami that destroyed civilization allegedly Minoa experts around the island of Crete which further increased the belief that this disaster may be the catastrophe that destroyed Atlantis. [16] There is a region on the Black Sea which proposed as the location of Atlantis: the Bosporus and Ancomah (legendary place near Trabzon). Around the Sea of Azov was proposed as another location in 2003. [17] A. G. Galanopoulos stated that the time scale has been changed due to errors of translation, the possibility of translation errors Egypt to Greece; the same mistakes will reduce the size of the kingdom of Atlantis Plato became the island of Crete, who left the city with the size of the crater of Thera. 900 years before Solon was the 15th century BC. [18]

Some hypothesis states that Atlantis was on the island that has been submerged in Northern Europe, including Sweden (by Olof Rudbeck in Atland, 1672-1702), or in the North Sea. Some have suggested al-Andalus or Ireland as a location. [19] The Canary Islands are also stated as a possible location, west of the Strait of Gibraltar but closer to the Mediterranean Sea. Various islands in the Atlantic also expressed as a location as possible, especially the Azores Islands. Spartel Island who had drowned in the Strait of Gibraltar has also been suggested [20].

Antarctica, Indonesia, under the Bermuda Triangle, [21] and the Caribbean Sea has been proposed as the location of Atlantis. The story of the continent "Kumari Kandam" missing in India has inspired some to describe it in parallel with Atlantis. According to Ignatius L. Donnelly in his book, Atlantis: The Antediluvian World, there is a link between Atlantis and Aztlan (residence Aztec tribal ancestors.) He claims that the Aztec tribe pointed to the eastern Caribbean as the former location of Aztlan.

The location of the alleged location of Atlantis is:

* Al-Andalus
* Crete and Santorini
* Turkey
* Near Cyprus
* Middle East
* Malta
* Sardinia
* Troy
* Antarctica
* Australia
* Azores Islands
* Edge of the Bahamas and the Caribbean
* Bolivia

* Black Sea

* England
* Ireland
* Canary Islands and Cape Verde
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The Little Elder-Tree Mother

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The Little Elder-Tree Mother

THERE was once a little boy who had caught cold; he

had gon

e out and got wet feet. Nobody had the least idea how it had hap

pened; the weather

was quite dry. His mother undressed him, put him to bed, and ordered the teapot to be brought in, that she might make him a

good cup of tea from the elder-tr

ee blossoms, which is so warming. At the same time, the kind-hearted old man who lived by himself in the upper storey of the house came in; he led a lonely life, for he had no wife and children; but he

loved the children of

others very much, and he could tell so many fairy tales and stories, that it was a pleasure to hear him.

“Now, drink your tea,” said the mother; “perhaps you will hear a story.”

“Yes, if I only knew a fresh one,” said the old man, and nodded smilingly. “But how did the little fellow get his wet feet?” he then asked.

“That,” replied the mother, “nobody can understand.”

“Will you tell me a story?” asked the boy.

“Yes, if you can tell me as nearly as possible how deep is the gutter in the little street where you go to school.”

“Just half as high as my top-boots,” replied the boy; “but then I must stand in the deepest holes.”

“There, now we know where you got your wet feet,” said the old man. “I ought to tell you a story, but the worst of it is, I do not know any more.”

“You can make one up,” said the little boy. “Mother says you can tell a fairy tale about anything you look at or touch.”

“That is all very well, but such tales or stories are worth nothing! No, the right ones come by themselves and knock at my forehead saying: ‘Here I am.’”

“Will not one knock soon?” asked the boy; and the mother smiled while she put elder-tree blossoms into the teapot and poured boiling water over them. “Pray, tell me a story.”

“Yes, if stories came by themselves; they are so proud, they only come when they please.—But wait,” he said suddenly, “there is one. Look at the teapot; there is a story in it now.”

And the little boy looked at the teapot; the lid rose up gradually, the elder-tree blossoms sprang forth one by one, fresh and white; long boughs came forth; even out of the spout they grew up in all directions, and formed a bush—nay, a large elder tree, which stretched its branches up to the bed and pushed the curtains aside; and there were so many blossoms and such a sweet fragrance! In the midst of the tree sat a kindly-looking old woman with a strange dress; it was as green as the leaves, and trimmed with large white blossoms, so that it was difficult to say whether it was real cloth, or the leaves and blossoms of the elder-tree.

“What is this woman’s name?” asked the little boy.

“Well, the Romans and Greeks used to call her a Dryad,” said the old man; “but we do not understand that. Out in the sailors’ quarter they give her a better name; there she is called elder-tree mother. Now, you must attentively listen to her and look at the beautiful elder-tree.

“Just such a large tree, covered with flowers, stands out there; it grew in the corner of an humble little yard; under this tree sat two old people one afternoon in the beautiful sunshine. He was an old, old sailor, and she his old wife; they had already great-grandchildren, and were soon to celebrate their golden wedding, but they could not remember the date, and the elder-tree mother was sitting in the tree and looked as pleased as this one here. ‘I know very well when the golden wedding is to take place,’ she said; but they did not hear it—they were talking of bygone days.

“‘Well, do you remember?’ said the old sailor, ‘when we were quite small and used to run about and play—it was in the very same yard where we now are—we used to put little branches into the ground and make a garden.’

“‘Yes,’ said the old woman, ‘I remember it very well; we used to water the branches, and one of them, an elder-tree branch, took root, and grew and became the large tree under which we are now sitting as old people.’

“‘Certainly, you are right,’ he said; ‘and in yonder corner stood a large water-tub; there I used to sail my boat, which I had cut out myself—it sailed so well; but soon I had to sail somewhere else.’

“‘But first we went to school to learn something,’ she said, ‘and then we were confirmed; we both wept on that day, but in the afternoon we went out hand in hand, and ascended the high round tower and looked out into the wide world right over Copenhagen and the sea; then we walked to Fredericksburg, where the king and the queen were sailing about in their magnificent boat on the canals.’

“‘But soon I had to sail about somewhere else, and for many years I was travelling about far away from home.’

“‘And I often cried about you, for I was afraid lest you were drowned and lying at the bottom of the sea. Many a time I got up in the night and looked if the weathercock had turned; it turned often, but you did not return. I remember one day distinctly: the rain was pouring down in torrents; the dust-man had come to the house where I was in service; I went down with the dust-bin and stood for a moment in the doorway, and looked at the dreadful weather. Then the postman gave me a letter; it was from you. Heavens! how that letter had travelled about. I tore it open and read it; I cried and laughed at the same time, and was so happy! Therein was written that you were staying in the hot countries, where the coffee grows. These must be marvellous countries. You said a great deal about them, and I read all while the rain was pouring down and I was standing there with the dust-bin. Then suddenly some one put his arm round my waist—’

“‘Yes, and you gave him a hearty smack on the cheek,’ said the old man.

“‘I did not know that it was you—you had come as quickly as your letter; and you looked so handsome, and so you do still. You had a large yellow silk handkerchief in your pocket and a shining hat on. You looked so well, and the weather in the street was horrible!’

“‘Then we married,’ he said. ‘Do you remember how we got our first boy, and then Mary, Niels, Peter, John, and Christian?’

‘Oh yes; and now they have all grown up, and have become useful members of society, whom everybody cares for.’

“‘And their children have had children again,’ said the old sailor. ‘Yes, these are children’s children, and they are strong and healthy. If I am not mistaken, our wedding took place at this season of the year.’

“‘Yes, to-day is your golden wedding-day,’ said the little elder-tree mother, stretching her head down between the two old people, who thought that she was their neighbour who was nodding to them; they looked at each other and clasped hands. Soon afterwards the children and grandchildren came, for they knew very well that it was the golden wedding-day; they had already wished them joy and happiness in the morning, but the old people had forgotten it, although they remembered things so well that had passed many, many years ago. The elder-tree smelt strongly, and the setting sun illuminated the faces of the two old people, so that they looked quite rosy; the youngest of the grandchildren danced round them, and cried merrily that there would be a feast in the evening, for they were to have hot potatoes; and the elder mother nodded in the tree and cried ‘Hooray’ with the others.”

“But that was no fairy tale,” said the little boy who had listened to it.

“You will presently understand it,” said the old man who told the story. “Let us ask little elder-tree mother about it.”

“That was no fairy tale,” said the little elder-tree mother; “but now it comes! Real life furnishes us with subjects for the most wonderful fairy tales; for otherwise my beautiful elder-bush could not have grown forth out of the teapot.”

And then she took the little boy out of bed and placed him on her bosom; the elder branches, full of blossoms, closed over them; it was as if they sat in a thick leafy bower which flew with them through the air; it was beautiful beyond all description. The little elder-tree mother had suddenly become a charming young girl, but her dress was still of the same green material, covered with white blossoms, as the elder-tree mother had worn; she had a real elder blossom on her bosom, and a wreath of the same flowers was wound round her curly golden hair; her eyes were so large and so blue that it was wonderful to look at them. She and the boy kissed each other, and then they were of the same age and felt the same joys. They walked hand in hand out of the bower, and now stood at home in a beautiful flower garden. Near the green lawn the father’s walking-stick was tied to a post. There was life in this stick for the little ones, for as soon as they seated themselves upon it the polished knob turned into a neighing horse’s head, a long black mane was fluttering in the wind, and four strong slender legs grew out. The animal was fiery and spirited; they galloped round the lawn. “Hooray! now we shall ride far away, many miles!” said the boy; “we shall ride to the nobleman’s estate where we were last year.” And they rode round the lawn again, and the little girl, who, as we know, was no other than the little elder-tree mother, continually cried, “Now we are in the country! Do you see the farmhouse there, with the large baking stove, which projects like a gigantic egg out of the wall into the road? The elder-tree spreads its branches over it, and the cock struts about and scratches for the hens. Look how proud he is! Now we are near the church; it stands on a high hill, under the spreading oak trees; one of them is half dead! Now we are at the smithy, where the fire roars and the half-naked men beat with their hammers so that the sparks fly far and wide. Let’s be off to the beautiful farm!” And they passed by everything the little girl, who was sitting behind on the stick, described, and the boy saw it, and yet they only went round the lawn. Then they played in a side-walk, and marked out a little garden on the ground; she took elder-blossoms out of her hair and planted them, and they grew exactly like those the old people planted when they were children, as we have heard before. They walked about hand in hand, just as the old couple had done when they were little, but they did not go to the round tower nor to the Fredericksburg garden. No; the little girl seized the boy round the waist, and then they flew far into the country. It was spring and it became summer, it was autumn and it became winter, and thousands of pictures reflected themselves in the boy’s eyes and heart, and the little girl always sang again, “You will never forget that!” And during their whole flight the elder-tree smelt so sweetly; he noticed the roses and the fresh beeches, but the elder-tree smelt much stronger, for the flowers were fixed on the little girl’s bosom, against which the boy often rested his head during the flight.

“It is beautiful here in spring,” said the little girl, and they were again in the green beechwood, where the thyme breathed forth sweet fragrance at their feet, and the pink anemones looked lovely in the green moss. “Oh! that it were always spring in the fragrant beechwood!”

“Here it is splendid in summer!” she said, and they passed by old castles of the age of chivalry. The high walls and indented battlements were reflected in the water of the ditches, on which swans were swimming and peering into the old shady avenues. The corn waved in the field like a yellow sea. Red and yellow flowers grew in the ditches, wild hops and convolvuli in full bloom in the hedges. In the evening the moon rose, large and round, and the hayricks in the meadows smelt sweetly. “One can never forget it!”

“Here it is beautiful in autumn!” said the little girl, and the atmosphere seemed twice as high and blue, while the wood shone with crimson, green, and gold. The hounds were running off, flocks of wild fowl flew screaming over the barrows, while the bramble bushes twined round the old stones. The dark-blue sea was covered with white-sailed ships, and in the barns sat old women, girls, and children picking hops into a large tub; the young ones sang songs, and the old people told fairy tales about goblins and sorcerers. It could not be more pleasant anywhere.

“Here it’s agreeable in winter!” said the little girl, and all the trees were covered with hoar-frost, so that they looked like white coral. The snow creaked under one’s feet, as if one had new boots on. One shooting star after another traversed the sky. In the room the Christmas tree was lit, and there were song and merriment. In the peasant’s cottage the violin sounded, and games were played for apple quarters; even the poorest child said, “It is beautiful in winter!”

And indeed it was beautiful! And the little girl showed everything to the boy, and the elder-tree continued to breathe forth sweet perfume, while the red flag with the white cross was streaming in the wind; it was the flag under which the old sailor had served. The boy became a youth; he was to go out into the wide world, far away to the countries where the coffee grows. But at parting the little girl took an elder-blossom from her breast and gave it to him as a keepsake. He placed it in his prayer-book, and when he opened it in distant lands it was always at the place where the flower of remembrance was lying; and the more he looked at it the fresher it became, so that he could almost smell the fragrance of the woods at home. He distinctly saw the little girl, with her bright blue eyes, peeping out from behind the petals, and heard her whispering, “Here it is beautiful in spring, in summer, in autumn, and in winter,” and hundreds of pictures passed through his mind.

Thus many years rolled by. He had now become an old man, and was sitting, with his old wife, under an elder-tree in full bloom. They held each other by the hand exactly as the great-grandfather and the great-grandmother had done outside, and, like them, they talked about bygone days and of their golden wedding. The little girl with the blue eyes and elder-blossoms in her hair was sitting high up in the tree, and nodded to them, saying, “To-day is the golden wedding!” And then she took two flowers out of her wreath and kissed them. They glittered at first like silver, then like gold, and when she placed them on the heads of the old people each flower became a golden crown. There they both sat like a king and queen under the sweet-smelling tree, which looked exactly like an elder-tree, and he told his wife the story of the elder-tree mother as it had been told him when he was a little boy. They were both of opinion that the story contained many points like their own, and these similarities they liked best.

“Yes, so it is,” said the little girl in the tree. “Some call me Little Elder-tree Mother; others a Dryad; but my real name is ‘Remembrance.’ It is I who sit in the tree which grows and grows. I can remember things and tell stories! But let’s see if you have still got your flower.”

And the old man opened his prayer-book; the elder-blossom was still in it, and as fresh as if it had only just been put in. Remembrance nodded, and the two old people, with the golden crowns on their heads, sat in the glowing evening sun. They closed their eyes and—and—

Well, now the story is ended! The little boy in bed did not know whether he had dreamt it or heard it told; the teapot stood on the table, but no elder-tree was growing out of it, and the old man who had told the story was on the point of leaving the room, and he did go out.

“How beautiful it was!” said the little boy. “Mother, I have been to warm countries!”

“I believe you,” said the mother; “if one takes two cups of hot elder-tea it is quite natural that one gets into warm countries!” And she covered him up well, so that he might not take cold. “You have slept soundly while I was arguing with the old man whether it was a story or a fairy tale!”

“And what has become of the little elder-tree mother?” asked the boy.

“She is in the teapot,” said the mother; “and there she may remain.”

New Planets Outside Solar System

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New Planets Outside Solar System

Two astronomers have captured the "appearances" a collection of alien planets outside the Solar system.
Allegedly distance planet trillions of miles from earth, three of them orbiting the same star.

"This is the first step to understand whether there are other planets like Earth and whether we can live there," commented Bruce Macintosh of Lawrence Livermore National Lab, one of the astronomers who photographed the image.

Together with his team he uses two telescopes, while the other team to produce images from the Hubble Space Telescope captures images of the usual outer Solar System. For 13 years, scientists have find more than 300 planets outside our Solar System.

Advanced Studies

According to NASA space scientist, Ed Weiler, all fioto-image the planet's very important. In a press conference, Weiler said the findings complement the goals of NASA with the Hubble telescope project of his since 1990 /

Other astronomy scientists argue that the findings of a new planet of the photo needs to be studied further, is it true that a new planet or just a normal star. Hubble im comparing the photo with photo shots Hubble in 2006 and 2004.


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Unidentified Flying Object UFO abbreviated) or often referred to as unidentified flying objects is a term used for the entire phenomenon of the appearance of flying objects that can not be identifiable by the observer and remain unidentified although it has been investigated. BETA The term was introduced by the Chairman of Institute of Aviation and Space Agency 1960s-era RJ Salatun for this phenomenon [1]. Another term used is "flying saucer" (English: Flying Saucer) and first used journalists to describe the mysterious flying object seen by Kenneth Arnold, the nine strange objects flying in a formation at Mount Rainier, the Cascade mountains, Washington. [2] The incident occurred on June 24, 1947. Since then, the term "Flying Saucer" affect the imagination of many people. [3]

Another term that is also briefly introduced BETEBEDI (Not Known Flying Objects) that put forward by a public accountant from Bandung by the name of CM Tanadi that the 80-year published many translations of books and magazines about this phenomenon called

The term UFO Popular

Use of the term "UFO" as sightings of mysterious phenomenon was first suggested in 1952 by Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, the first leader of Project Blue Book. Use of the term "Flying Saucer" does not reflect the different appearance. Ruppelt said that the term "UFO" should be pronounced like the word "you-foe" (you're the enemy). However, the term is usually pronounced by saying the letters one by one: "UFO". Foreign terms is rapidly adapted by the Air Force, which also directly use the term "UFOB" around the year 1954. Ruppelt described his experiences with Project Blue Book in his notes, "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects" (reports of unidentified flying objects) (1956), is also the first book to use the term UFO. [4]
[Edit] Some notes from ancient times
Wood engraving in 1566 by Hans Gleser, which depicts events in Nuremberg in 1561.

* Ancient Hindu scripture, Ramayana, describes the use of complex flying machine, which then becomes the object of speculation about the BETA.

* The Roman writer, Iulius Obsequens, wrote that in 99 BC, "in Tarquinia towards sunset, a round object, like a globe, round or round shield, flying in the sky from west to east".

* At the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, Usayd bin Hudhayr see cloud like an umbrella an amazing, and have never seen him before. Clouds can be seen very beautifully decorated with flickering objects such as hanging lamps, hanging like lamps meet the horizon with high brightness. Eventually the cloud fly higher then disappear [5] The next day Usaid also meet Muhammad and told him what he had seen overnight, then Muhammad also said that, it was the angel who wants to listen Usayd read the Quran. [6]

BETA crescent-shaped as illustrated by Kenneth Arnold.

* On September 24, year 1235, General Yoritsune and his troops observed a strange luminous balls that fly with irregular pattern in the night sky near Kyoto, Japan. Councilor generals told him not to worry - it's just the wind that causes the stars seem to rock. [7] [8]

* On 14 April 1561, the skies over Nuremberg, Germany, reported that filled by the many objects that apparently are doing battle in the air. According to the story, small balls and the discs come from a large tube. [9] [10]

These appearances were usually attributed as a symptom of the supernatural, angels, and other religious symbols. Some investigators believe that as an apparition sighting strange objects in ancient times related to flying saucer reports in modern times.
[Edit] Appearance in modern times

Before the term "Flying Saucer" and "BETA" is selected, there are many reports of sightings strange phenomena in the air. The reports below occurred in the mid-nineteenth century until the early twentieth century.

* In July 1868, investigators BETA documented sightings flying saucer that is happening in the city of Copiapo, Chile. [11]

* On January 25, 1878, Denison Daily News wrote that local farmer named John Martin reported sighting large flying objects, dark, and round like a balloon flying "with stunning speed." He compared the size of the object while flying above his head as "big dish". [12]

* The incidence of Fatima or the "Miracle of the Sun", was witnessed by dozens of people among the thousands of people in Fatima, Portugal on October 13, 1917, is believed by some researchers that this was really a flying saucer sighting event.

* In the European nor the Japanese during World War II, the appearance of "enemy fighters" (balls glow and there are other shapes that followed aircraft) were reported by both parties and pilot a hostile country. [13]

* On date February 25, 1942, U.S. troops detect unidentified aircraft was observed through the eye and on radar over the Los Angeles, California area. The origins of the aircraft was never known. The incident became known as the "Battle of Los Angeles", or "air Attack on the west coast." [14]

A BETA over New Hampsire in 1870, known as a mysterious flying ship.
[Edit] Testimony of Kenneth Arnold

At the end of World War II, fame BETA begins with UFO sightings reported by an American businessman, Kenneth Arnold, on June 24, 1947 while driving his private plane near Mount Rainier, Washington. He reported sighting nine shining flying object crossing of Mount Rainier to Mount Adams with "incredible speed". He told a newspaper reporter that the object was moving at a speed 1600km/jam. [3] Arnold later says that they "flew like a dish if it was thrown across the water" and he also said that they were "flat like a pie", "shaped like plate ", and" shaped like a crescent, oval in front and convex behind, ... they seem like a big flat disc "(but then described his appearance is shaped like a sickle). Arnold's report was made public and mass media terarik so munculah term "Flying Saucer" and "Flying Disc". After Arnold's report became known, a few weeks later hundreds of different sighting reports emerging, many of which came from the United States, but from other countries are also quite a lot. Perhaps the most famous of the report is a report from the crew of United Airlines, which saw the appearance of nine objects such as discs over Idaho on the evening of July 4th. At that time, sightings are more discussed than Arnold's report and make as if to believe what has been reported by Arnold. A few days later, many newspapers in America are filled with the latest news about "flying saucers" or "flying discs" on the front page.
[Edit] Incident at Roswell

On July 4, 1947, the phenomenon of flying saucers are a leading place in the city of Roswell, New Mexico, and known as the "Roswell Incident". A flake is considered a flake space ship was found in a farm area after the hurricane hit. Fragments were collected by the United States Air Force without leaving a trace. Grady Barnett and archaeological team found the BETA-shaped disc that fell along with four big-headed aliens in the form of human and gray. The commander at Roswell Air Force base told reporters that there is flying discs found in the place. The two held a press conference on July 8, and stated that the debris was the cause of the problem is not from the BETA, but from a weather balloon. But according to the Roswell Daily Record, Roswell debris in the fall comes from the BETA, the origin of the four aliens who were captured. [3] From this incident is used the term "UFO" the first time to replace the use of the term "Flying Saucer" in 1952 by Captain Edward J. Ruppelt. Ruppelt described his experiences with Project Blue Book in his notes, "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects" (reports of unidentified flying objects) (1956), is also the first book to use the term UFO. [15]
[Edit] Appearances in popular culture

BETA and accompanying living beings, the so-called alien ("aliens"), or creatures of another planet ("Extra Terrestrial" or ET), many adapted into a movie or television screen. E.T. stands for "Extra Terrestrial", which means originating from outside the earth. Because there is a theory which says that the creature could have come with the BETA comes from the earth (from the earth or the sea), then the use of the term strange beings (aliens) are more frequently used than the alien (ET).

Occurrences in popular culture