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I created this blog without engineering. It's only limited to my knowledge. This blog contains articles which include history, astronomy, geology, and others.


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Of all the planets in the solar system, perhaps only was there life on earth. Man believed to have inhabited the earth for 1 million years. If the earth seen from the dark side of the moon, the earth will experience the phases like the moon. There is a crescent of the earth, the earth until there is full moon. That said, if there is full moon of the earth on the moon, its light bright enough to read.


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Venus is the second closest planet to the sun. Venus is the brightest object that can be seen that there are human beings in the sky after the sun and moon. Delivery of all planets, Venus is closest to the earth. In contrast to Mercury who do not have clouds, including the planet Venus have atmospheres. Venus atmospheric density reached approximately 30 times the density of Earth's atmosphere. In terms of size, Venus can be regarded as the twin brother bumi.Diameter Venus is slightly smaller than the diameter of the earth. The diameter of the Earth 12,756 km, while the diameter of venus approximately 12,100 km. According to the signals sent by unmanned aircraft, Venera VII, which successfully landed on Venus, Venus surface temperature reaches 453 degrees Celsius to 495 degrees Celsius, and air pressure at the surface of Venus at 90 atmospheres. Venus rotates slowly on its axis of rotation 243 days with kala-Earth with the direction of rotation is reversed, ie a clockwise direction. If observed from the north pole of the sky. Because when the revolution of Venus 224.7 days, then the combined effect of the revolution with kala kala venus rotation resulted in the lapse of time between sunrise and the next sunrise at Venus-Earth about 118 days. Same with the Mercury, the Venus is also believed there was no life.


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Mercury is the smallest and closest planet to the sun. This planet is very difficult to observe. The size of Mercury is only slightly larger than the moon. This planet is very difficult to observe because the planet has a close proximity to the sun. On the afternoon of dazzling sunlight does not allow observation, and in the evening planet disappeared almost as fast as the disappearance of the sun. The planet is only visible when a low position near the horizon, that is shortly before sunrise, or shortly after sunset. The most interesting is that the planet Mercury always exposes the same surface toward the sun. Because the temperature is very hot, it is believed there could be no life on Mercury.


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Aurora formed by charged particles from the sun are trapped by Earth's magnetic field. Electrically charged particles that float around the north pole and south magnetic poles of the earth to form a curtain of light called auroras.

7 The characteristics of a person who has HIV Infected

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7 The characteristics of a person who has HIV Infected

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the most feared disease because no vaccine or medicine that can cure him.
Recognize the symptoms of HIV for early detection.

This deadly virus will attack the immune system that makes the body lose the ability to fight disease, making the body more susceptible to various diseases.

If these symptoms are not treated immediately, it can cause AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) which is a deadly disease. AIDS arise as a result of breeding the HIV virus in the human body.

The symptoms that arise from HIV can affect a person gradually. Once the virus enters the body, then the virus will develop rapidly.

This virus will attack the CD4 lymphocytes (T cells) and destroys white blood cells that affects the immune system. Each stage of infection will show different symptoms.

The initial stage of infection with this virus usually show no signs or symptoms, new symptoms will appear after two to four weeks after infection. A person may complain of severe headache accompanied by fever and persistent.

As quoted, Thursday (6/10/2010) when a person is infected, the initial symptoms sometimes appear similar to the flu or viral infection medium.

Symptoms and early signs of HIV, including fever, headache, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea and swollen lymph nodes in the neck, armpit or groin.

These symptoms are similar to other viral infections. Therefore, many HIV-infected people do not realize that he had been infected for years to reach an advanced stage.

Center for disease control (Centers for Disease Control / CDC) revealed there are several symptoms that indicate an advanced stage of HIV are:
1. Lose weight fast without any reason
2. Hacking cough
3. Recurring fever or sweating at night
4. Fatigue
5. Diarrhea is more than a week
6. Memory loss
7. Depression and other nervous disorders.

One way to detect it is by measuring the number of white blood cells, because usually a person with HIV will have a number of small white blood cells.

HIV is not an easy disease to be diagnosed, there are two things to note is that there are recognizable symptoms and examination by a doctor.

HIV is caused mostly by the behavior of mutually exchange sex partners without using condoms or those who used drugs since the turn of a syringe.

Experts Predicting North Jakarta Drowning 2030

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Experts Predicting North Jakarta Drowning 2030

Based on the info official statement WALHI Jakarta North Jakarta precisely predict will sink in 2030. Really? Natural occurrence that is very strange and unique explosion of the bus Lorena suddenly some time ago. It is important to read information when Jakarta will sink to be anticipated well and not chaotic. like

The capital Jakarta is predicted to sink in 2030. These estimates could occur if the city administration did not immediately anticipated. Because now, almost 50 percent of the Jakarta area prone to disappear.

According to the Director of the Chairman of Forum for Environment (WALHI), Jakarta, Ubaidillah, based on research conducted ITB Bandung, evident from the rate of land subsidence in Jakarta which increased dramatically from 0.8 cm per year in the period 1982 to 1992 to 18-26 cm per year in 2008 , especially in the area of North Jakarta.

According to him, the natural conditions in the capital have reached a chronic, the main cause because of the lack of catchment areas. From the data held Wahli, Jakarta annually soil water deficit of 66.6 million cubic meters annually.

Of rain water as much as 2 billion cubic meters annually flushed Jakarta absorbed only 36 percent, while the rest is wasted to the sewer and river. "It must be anticipated if the city does not want a total collapse," he said when contacted, Saturday, September 18, 2010.

He reveals, based on the observation Walhi ambrol threatened several areas including RE Martadinata Street, Tanjung Priok, Pademangan, Ancol, Kp. Bandan, Lodan Road and Fish Market Penjaringan in North Jakarta. In Central Jakarta: Jayakarta Prince Road, Big Wet, and along the way protocols MH Thamrin-Sudirman. East Jakarta: Pulogadung and Road Industrial Estate Bogor Raya. In West Jakarta: Jalan Daan Mogot, Cengkareng, and Kamal Muara.

While in South Jakarta, soil conditions are still relatively intact. But not terututup possibility next 2-3 years will be prone to disappear, given the high levels of population and the continued increase in the settlement.

Ubaidillah explained, the use of excessive ground water and have a negative impact on soil conditions, which must be considered another government building projects is the establishment does not consider the ecological balance. Building, such as shopping centers.

Head of Department of Public Works (PU) DKI, Ery Basworo, said there are areas prone to disappear mostly on roads that intersect with the river directly. However, Ery said, road conditions would remain safe if the plastering to be done to stem abrasion well.

Related capital road conditions, Ery admitted will coordinate with Sudin PU in each region to conduct inspections of existing roads. Given the many roads that intersect Establishments with penurapannya main river is the responsibility of central government.

Earlier, the Governor of Jakarta, Fauzi Bowo, requested the Ministry of Public Works, to conduct a thorough investigation of lost road. This investigation, said Foke, involves the construction and strength of the soil layer under which it will build the road.

"The investigation should not only be done on the road that lose Within the 7 meters but have a whole shelf of this road which reaches 103 meters," he said. VIVAnews.
FIGURE vanish NEW JL RE Martadinata

Official Statement Prediction When Jakarta East South West Northern Drowning

The origins of Mount Fujiyama in Japan

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The origins of Mount Fujiyama in Japan

Mount Fuji is a mountain of eternity or the Japanese call it Fuji san (san means mountain, Mount Fuji special mention) is an active volcano located on the border of Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefecture. Height of Mount Fuji is 3776 M. This mountain is a symbol for a country other than Japan's cherry blossoms.
Behind the legend of the beauty of a view Fujiyama has an interesting story. Narrated in the days of yore a pair of grandparents living in remote villages. The work of his grandfather was a lumberjack bamboo. On a day when his grandfather would cut down the bamboo, he saw a glow like golden bamboo. Out of curiosity, and he cut the bamboo and bamboo found in the girl who was found about 9 cm tall.

The old man then took the girl home. At home, the grandfather told my grandmother and they finally gave him the name Kaguya. After treating Kaguya, every grandfather went into the mountains to cut bamboo, the bamboo is definitely found in gold. The life they became prosperous thanks to Kaguya.

Not feel princess Kaguya grown into a very beautiful princess figure until her beauty had spread throughout the country. Many people from the royal officials are to want to marry princess Kaguya, but somehow princess Kaguya reject their applications. Princess Kaguya think of a way to reject their application to bring the goods ordered an impossible existence.
Anyone who managed to bring the desired items of the princess, then he will receive one of their applications. The goods include sacred bowl of the Buddha, a necklace made of dragon's eyeballs, glowing fan and others. The men arrived with the requested items, but all the stuff that was taken was counterfeit because the goods demanded the impossible princess Kaguya found on this earth.
Night full moon would come soon. Looking at the moon, Kaguya princess wept in grief. Grandpa and grandma was worried why her beloved daughter to feel sad. Finally on August 8, princess Kaguya convey his feelings kapada grandparents. He admitted that he actually came from the moon and must return to the moon during a full moon arrives. Princess Kaguya sad at having to leave her beloved grandfather and grandmother. Because do not want to lose the princess Kaguya, the grandfather and grandmother tried to defend when the princess Kaguya princess picked up by delegates month to return to the moon. But his efforts were in vain. Finally went to the moon princess Kaguya.

As a memento and token of gratitude, princess Kaguya give Fushi no kusuri (medicine for eternal life) to the grandparents who had been cared for him. Unfortunately, the grandfather of burn medicine because he felt it could even eternal life by taking the drug, without any Kaguya what's on their side. Grandfather burn medicine on the highest mountain peak in Japan. Mountain where his grandfather set fire to the drug was then given the name Fushi No Yama (mountain everlasting), and the mountain now known as Fujiyama.

This is the cause of sinking of the Titanic

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This is the cause of sinking of the Titanic

The cause of the sinking of the Titanic which occurred in 1912 ago was due to improper steering. Largest and grandest cruise ships at that time should be saved if the captain does not daring continue sailing.
On 10 April 1912 RMS Titanic left from Southampton, England to New York, but on the fourth day voyage of the proud ship could not sink it struck an iceberg and sank before rescue ships arrived. Some 1,500 passengers sank with the ship's magnificent.
Is Louise Patten, an author and grandson of Charles Lightoller, the number two most important officials in the Titanic at the time, which reveals the truth. He tells the truth about what happened nearly 100 years ago have been hidden for fear of staining the reputation of his grandfather, who was also a war hero.

Lightoller, is the most senior officer who survived the incident. But he covered the investigation into the sinking of the ship was an error. Because he was worried that accidents caused by human error, then the owner of the ship will go bankrupt and his colleagues were out of work.

"Though they could easily avoid the iceberg if it were not for the blunders command," Patten said as quoted by the Daily Telegraph. Sinking of the Titanic which is relatively fast it happened because the leadership they forced the captain to continue sailing after hitting an iceberg. "Instead of the wheel are directed to the left of the iceberg, the holder of the wheel, Robert Hitchins, panic and turn the wrong direction."

Patten writes a change from traditional sailing ship steamship means there are two different steering systems. The system is one means turning the wheel in one direction and other systems rotate in the opposite direction.

Once they realized was wrong, Patten added that they only have four minutes to change the direction and time. First Officer William Murdoch helmsman realized the mistake, then tried to fix it but it was too late.

Grandfather Patten also participate in the last meeting officers of the Titanic before the ship sank. It was there clear all fatal error has occurred. But that is exacerbating kondsii, J. Bruce Ismay, owner of White Star Line to persuade the captain to continue sailing.

The decision is what makes the ship sank hours faster than it should. "However, if the Titanic did not say anything, he will survive at least until the rescue boat came and no one need die," said Patten. So far known cause of the sinking of the luxury ship hit an iceberg effect that tore the hull makes the ship badly damaged.

World's First Library The Super Complete

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World's First Library The Super Complete

Library derived from the word "Library" which means the Book or Books. According Sulistyo Basuki in his book Introduction to Library Science says that "limits the library is a room, part of a building, or the building itself that is used for storing books or other publications which are usually stored with the layout of a particular arrangement to use the reader, not to sell . 'So it can be concluded that the library will never be far away from books.
From the above explanation can be understood that the library is very fundamental in education. Because the library is always associated with books, and books will always be associated with science. In the library hall a scientist can look for references discovery - the discovery that found its predecessor, from the library one can develop insight into his thinking, there is also someone can someone can do a small research and observations and then load it back in the form of new or useful information for himself and others. And this is one of history's largest library in the history of the World, He is the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Egypt (Library of Alexandria of Egypt).

The explanation

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Egypt (Library of Alexandria of Egypt) is the first and largest library in the world. The library was even survive for centuries and has a collection of 700,000 papyrus scrolls, even if compared with the Sorbonne Library in the 14th century 'only' has a collection of 1700 books.This library was founded by the successors Ptolemi I Alexander (Alexandria) in the year 323 BC, and continuing through the power Ptolemi III. At that time the rulers of Egypt so besemangat promote the Library and Science, even in manuscript, Rome says that the King of Egypt's royal treasure spent to buy books from all over the country to collect 442,800 books and 90,000 other form of summary is not voluminous.

He also ordered soldiers to search every ship that entered in order to obtain the manuscript. If there is a script that is found, they keep the original and return a copy. According to some sources, when Athens lent manuscripts original Greek classical drama is invaluable to Ptolemy III, he promised to pay the security deposit and copy it. But the king instead save the original, do not take money back guarantee, and return a copy
But the golden story only became history. Is ketuka Roman conquest led by Julius Caesar in 48 BC. The Romans destroyed 400,000 books burned to ash using a useless. World of science was very sorry for having lost one of the best sources of knowledge at that time. But eventually the Emperor, Julius Caesar to apologize, and instead he sent Marx Antonio to award 200,000 books from Rome to the Queen of Egypt at the time, Cleopatra, and from this is their story continues. But the magnificent library which is in Egypt and is never again like old times - the keemasanya.

Since the combustion, the Library Iskadariah solah neglected. In fact, almost become ancient artifacts only. However, UNESCO initiated to cooperate with the Egyptian government, rebuilding the library with the history of the largest in history. And this development began in the 1990s. This development spend no less than U.S. $ 220 million. U.S. 120 million on the responsibility of the government of Egypt and the rest on the responsibility of international assistance from other States. Finally after nearly dormant for 20 Century, Iskandriah Library (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) stands majestic and unique. The main building is round sloping roof, buried in the soil.
In the front roof line, created a pool to neutralize the temperature libraries, consisting of five floors in the ground, this library can contain about 8 million books. But there are currently only 250,000 books and will continue to grow each tahun.Selain it also provides various facilities, such as 500 units of computers in Arabic and English to facilitate the visitors search the catalog of books, reading room with a capacity of 1,700 people, conference rooms, library space Braille Taha Special Husein blind, children's library, museum of ancient manuscripts, five research institutes, and research rooms which can be used free of charge.

And that is also interesting, is the middle floor of the library there and Design Gallery can be viewed from different sides. On the wooden floor that is wide enough that displayed various ancient prototype printing machine and various wall paintings. The library is always full of visitors, while in Alexandria is not much like the university in Cairo. This shows the high interest in reading Egyptian society and the library was destroyed Julius Caesar is now a tourist attraction as one of the Giza Pyramids, Mummies, Karnax Temple, Tombs of the Pharaohs in Luxor or Cairo Museum that holds the Tutankhamun's gold deposits.

The contents of the library contains:

# A library that can hold millions of books.
# An Internet Archive# Six specialized libraries for
1. Art, multimedia and audio materials, visual,
2. blind,
3. children,
4. youth,
5. microforms, and
6. rare books and special collections# Four Museum for1. Antiquities,2. Manuscript,3. Sadat and
4. History of Science# Planetarium A
# An Exploratorium for the exposure of children to science (ALEXploratorium)
# Culturama: cultural panorama over nine screens, the first ever patented 9-projector interactive system. Winner of numerous awards, which Culturama, developed by CULTNAT, allows the presentation of many layers of data, where the presenter can click on the item and go to a new level of detail. This is a multi-media presentation very informative and interesting heritage in Egypt 5,000 years of history to modern times, with highlights and examples of Ancient Egyptian and Coptic / Muslim heritage.
# VISTA (The Virtual Immersive Science and Technology Application system) is an interactive Virtual Reality environment, allowing researchers to convert data sets into two-dimensional 3-D simulation, and to step in it. A practical visualization tool for research, VISTA helps researchers to simulate the behavior of natural systems or human-engineered, not just observing system or build a physical model.
# Eight academic research centers:1. Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Center (Alex-Med),
2. Arts Center,
3. Calligraphy Centre,
4. Center for Special Studies and Programs (CSSP),
5. International School of Information Studies (ISIS),
6. Manuscript Central
7. Documentation Centre for Cultural and Natural Heritage (CultNat, located in Cairo), and
8. Alexandria Center for Hellenistic Studies.
# Fifteen permanent exhibits include1. Impressions of Alexandria: Collection Awad,
2. World Shadi Abdel Salam,
3. Arabic Calligraphy,
4. History of Printing,5. Arab-Muslim Medieval Instruments of Astronomy and Science (Star Rider), and the Permanent Exhibition of Contemporary Art Selection Egypt:
6. The Artist's Books,
7. Mohie El Din Hussein: A Creative Journey,
8. Abdel Salam Eid al-Fitr,
9. The Raaya El-Nimr and Abdel-Ghani Abou El-Enein Arab Folk Art Collection,
10. Seif and Adham weak: Motion and the Arts,11. Selected Artworks from Henin Adam,12. Selected Artworks Ahmed Abdel-Wahab,
13. Selected Artworks Hamed Saeed,
14. Selected Artworks from Hassan Soliman, and
15. Sculpture.# Four art galleries for temporary exhibitions
# A Conference Center for thousands of people
# A Dialogue Forum which provides an opportunity for meetings, and discussions with thinkers, writers and authors to discuss various important issues affecting modern society. Arab Reform Forum was the result of the First Arab Reform Conference held in 2004


Unique phenomenon The Splitting of the Sea of Korea

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Unique phenomenon The Splitting of the Sea of Korea
A natural occurrence that had nothing to do with the story Mozes (Moses), the Ten Commandments in the book of Exodus, Holy Bible. Only ,..... roughly similar.

This is a natural phenomenon that most mengagumkam in South Korea called "Moses Miracle", occurs twice a year the water receded, open a plot of land along the 2.8 kilometers and 40 meters wide that connects the island of Jindo and Modo for a beber what hour.

A festival was held to remind the natural occurrence and attended by people from all over the world. However this natural occurrence is not so known until 1975, when Mr. Pierre Randi French ambassador to Korea's state visit here and published in French newspapers.

Slowly Month Avoiding The Earth Move

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Slowly Month Avoiding The Earth Move

At one time, millions of years from now our descendants will not be able to see the moon as it is now. No more the phenomenon of a total eclipse of the sun or moon, except track record in the history of science. Slowly, but surely the moon increasingly moving away from Earth.

Not without reason Neil Armstrong first man to set foot on the moon left a trail reflector panel which consist of 100 mirrors a few minutes before he left the moon on July 21, 1969. Reflector is then led to the discovery of facts amazing man

Utilize reflectors left on the moon, Prof. Carroll Alley, a physicist from the University of Maryland, USA, observed movement of the moon's orbit. The trick is to shoot the laser from the observatory to the reflector on the moon. Unexpectedly, the annual observations, the earth-moon distance recorded from the laser travel speed of the earth-moon continues to grow.
Reinforced a number of observations at McDonald Observatory, Texas, USA, using 0.7-meter telescope obtained the fact that the distance of the moon's orbit is moving away at a rate of 3.8 centimeters per year.

The experts believed, 4.6 billion years ago, when formed, the size of the moon visible from earth could a 15-fold than it is now. The distance was only 22.530 kilometers, the twentieth of the current distance (385,000 km).

If humans had lived in those days, the days run more faster. The count was going to a different calendar. How not, when in orbit around the earth month period only 20 days, not 29-30 days like today. The rotation of the earth when it was going faster, just 18 hours a day.

Millions of years from now, along with the separation of the moon, the days on earth would be the longer, up to 40 days a month. Today could last longer, up to 30 hours. So, why did this happen?

Takaho Miura of the University of Hirosaki, Japan, in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics argues, if the earth and the moon, including the sun, pushing himself. One of them, this interaction triggered by tidal forces of sea water.

Tidal forces caused by the moon on the oceans of the earth was gradually moving the force rotation of the earth to orbit the moon movement style. As a result, each year orbit of the moon away. In contrast, the earth's rotation slows 0.000017 seconds per year.

Climate Stability

The fact the separation of the moon's orbit is a threat not only human populations, but also the lives of living creatures on earth. The movement of the moon, as stated by Dr. Jacques Laskar, an astronomer at the Paris Observatory, plays an important role to maintain stability in the earth's climate and temperature.

Moon is the Earth's climate regulator. Earth's gravity to keep the sun still revolves around the axis of rotation 23 degrees. If this style does not exist, the earth's temperature and climate will be a mess. Sahara Desert could be a sea of ice, while Antarctica into a desert sand, he said to the Science Channel.

Some studies say, the movement of the moon also affects the activity of living beings. Coral reefs, for example, used to breed, release spores, when the tide is caused by the full moon arrives.

Full moon is also believed to enhance human aggressive behavior. In Los Angeles, U.S., policing the local area will usually be more alert to the increase in criminal activity during the full moon.

Separation of the moon from the earth's geological experts also believed to affect the activity of the Earth's plates. Some experts have long been connected with the occurrence of earthquake activity of the month.

The same force that causes tides would trigger the lifting of the earth's crust, said Geoff Chester, an astronomer who worked at the U.S. Naval Observation Center, as quoted by National Geographic.

Several major earthquakes in the country has ever known also recorded related to the movement of the moon. Earthquake-Tsunami Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (2004), Nabire (2004), Simeuleu (2005), and Nias (2005) occurs when the full moon. Mentawai Earthquake (2005) and Yogyakarta (2005) occurred during the new moon and the position of the moon in the south.

Latest NASA Mission

Now, the moon as the earth's nearest neighbor back to the attention of the world's astronomical research. U.S. Aviation and Space Agency (NASA) on Friday (19 / 6) launch vehicle LCRoS (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite) in Cape Canaveral, U.S.. This vehicle is part of the mission's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), which is preparing a program to return astronauts to the moon in 2020 after the last done in 1969 to 1972 (Reuters, 18 / 6).

The main target LCRoS mission to ensure the existence of frozen water believed to be in the region shadowed craters near the poles of the moon. Aided by the LRO, which maps the surface of the moon in detail, the two new missions suggests big things: a new milestone stick about the possibility of establishing colonies outside of Earth!

However, with great humility, Craig Tooley, LRO Project Manager, said: Our knowledge about the moon as a whole is still minimal. We have better maps of Mars, but not for our own moon.

Banana Leaf Benefits To Treat Serious Burns

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Banana Leaf Benefits To Treat Serious Burns

Burns may not enter into the third highest cause of death in Indonesia and the world.
However, extensive burns are often fatal. Many people with the victims of fire or electric shock have been dying when they arrived at the hospital.

The main thing done in dealing with extensive burns is a correction of body fluids and the prevention of infection. Someone who suffered extensive burns, tend to run to and fro to seek help. This will cause the body exposed to wind and evaporation of body fluids getting larger, this situation will end up with dehydration. Therefore, if there are relatives, friends, or family who suffered extensive burns due to fire such a good idea to suggest to stay in place (stop), drop (drop), and roll (roll) for the fire extinguished.

When carrying people affected by burns, do not let them in the open state. We can use a wet blanket to blanket, or according to dr. Moerbono M, Sp.KK can use banana leaves are cleaned first. According to A. Gore and Deepika Madhori Akolekar in his journal, entitled "Evaluation off Banana Leaf Dressing for Partical Thickness Burn Wounds" a banana leaf has many advantages in its use in burns.

Banana leaves to reduce evaporation of liquid because there is a layer of wax. The leaves also creates a cooling sensation on the skin of the body, not attached to the wound, and has a wide surface so that it can cover all parts of the body. In research done by Evi Rohmatun entitled "Physical Properties and Effects Ointment Young Banana Leaf Extract (Musa paradisiaca, Linn) Toward Healing Burns On Skin Rabbit Ridge" young banana leaf extract helps the healing of burns with a significant result.

Therefore, if discovered, such as fire burns victims. Suruhlan the victim stops (stop), drop (drop), and roll (roll). Next selimuti body with banana leaf that has been cleaned with alcohol and NaCl or larikanlah immediately to the nearest hospital to obtain fluid correction and prevention of infection.

Why We Do not Remember When Born?

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Why We Do not Remember When Born?

The human brain has a memory capacity thousa
nds of times higher than the most advanced computers available today. The mass of gray (gray matter) is a storage device that is able diandalakan. However, why can not we remember the infancy or the first moment we are born into the world?

Let alone at birth, our brain also can not remember the days when we were infants or toddlers. It turned out that no matter how hard we try, our memory can only go back to when we are 4-5 years old.

Why is that? One theory says this is because of myelin, the protective layer that helps nerve signals the brain delivery. Well, before the age of 5 y
ears, myelin in the baby's brain is still very small. "Myelin is essential for maintaining long-term memory," said Jonathan Schooter, PhD, a psychologist from the University of British Columbia.

Another theory says, once we begin to learn to speak, we can no longer access the memory that is created at the time we do not yet speak
fluently. "With the growing of a child's language skills, the way he thinks will also be changed so that the allegedly more difficult to recall past memories," he said.

What is myelin?

The myelin sheath is a phospholipid layer that surrounds the axons of many neurons. Mengsuplai Schwann cell myelin for peripheral neurons, where oligodendrosit supply to the central nervous system. Myelin is a characteristic of vertebrates (gnathostome), but also appointed by the parallel evolution of several invertebrates. Myelin was found by Louis-Antoine Ranvier in 1878.

Scientists Find Protein procrastinators Successful Death

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Scientists Find Protein procrastinators Successful Death

Scientists find the elixir that can hold death in mice. These proteins are believed to be useful to humans. Scientists found the constituents of amino acids that can delay the death of mice by 12%. This study is useful for humans, especially for the elderly or the sick.

Individuals who survive require biological changes that encourage energy supply to the cells and reduce oxidative damage caused by free radical destroyer.

"This is the first demonstration that shows a mixture of amino acids can increase the survival of mice," said study leader Dr. Enzo Nisoli from the University of Milan in Italy.

The new findings reported in the journal Cell Metabolism shows the possibility that amino acid supplements can benefit humans. Scientists show amino acid supply can affect the health of rats.

Scientists believe that amino acids could help the sick, especially heart failure disease, chronic lung or other conditions characterized by reduced levels of energy.

Nisoli said there needs to be tested on patients in large numbers, to show convincing evidence.

Leucine, isoleucine and valine, which are known as branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), a fraction of the 20 amino acids in a protein that can be produced. All three have indications of anti-aging properties.

This study also showed increased activity SIRTI or well-known longevity genes. This element affects the defense system against free radicals. This specific amino acid supplements tend to be more effective than the protein containing the same amino acid, according to the researchers.

Unlike proteins, these amino acids can not be digested and enter the bloodstream immediately.

"We have provided evidence that an original mix BCAA can increase the average life span in male rats," wrote the researchers in the study.

"This may be due to the increased mitochondrial biogenesis and oxidative stress is reduced in heart and skeletal muscle."

This study offers exploration of the function of amino acids in preventing age disorders in humans.

Best Times To Brain

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Best Times To Brain

Many believe only energy or weight loss that can fluctuate during the day. Whereas the human brain also has its own rhythm and there are times when its best. Whenever a brilliant time to perform a particular activity?

As quoted from Health.MSN, there are 8 specific time in which someone can be brilliant in performing its duties, namely:

Hours 7-9 am: The best time to enhance the spirit and passion
"Time is the perfect time to increase ties with a new pair when you wake up," said Elijah Karatsoreos, PhD, a neurologist from Rockefeller University.

This is because levels of the hormone oxytocin (the hormone of love) are at the highest level after waking. This time is the time to strengthen relationships with people who are most important in life. British researchers said that the level of oxytocin in males will gradually decline over time.

9am to 11 noon: The best time for creativity
At that time the brain has the hormone cortisol (stress hormone) is sufficient, so it can help focus the mind and this is not influenced by age.

While this is an excellent time to learn and work on tasks that require analysis and concentration. Because it's time to develop new ideas, make presentations or brainstorming.

Hours 11 to 2 pm: The best time to perform a difficult task
German investigators said that when the hormone melatonin (sleep hormone) has declined sharply, so that the body is more ready to work on a project or work load is tough and hard.

But you should still do not perform several tasks simultaneously, because it will make someone kehilngan concentration. Because it's time to make presentations or perform other heavy tasks.

Hours 2-3 pm: The best time to rest
To digest the lunch, then the body will draw blood from the brain to the abdomen, this condition will make the intake of blood or oxygen to the brain that make someone a little less so sleepy. For that try to take a break from work.

If you still have to work and fight sleep, try to walk for a while, meditating or drinking water. This could increase vascular volume and circulation so that increases blood flow to the brain.

Hours 3 pm to 6 pm: The best time for collaboration
"At the present time the brain will feel very tired," said Paul Nussbaum, PhD, a clinical neuropsychologist. Because it does not hurt to do a collaboration with co-workers or doing different activities. Although the brain is not as sharp as the previous time, but someone will feel more relaxed and the pressure of his body were also lower.

Hours 6 pm to 8 pm: The best time to perform personal tasks
Among these hours, researchers found that the brain has entered in phase 'maintenance', ie when melatonin production is still at low levels.

Nothing wrong to walk alone or with friends, making dinner or enjoy quality time with family members.

Hours 8-10 nights: The best time to relax
At this time there is a transition from a sleepy awake conditions, because melatonin hormone levels will rise rapidly. While the levels of serotonin (a neurotransmitter associated with the spirit) will fade.

Rubin Naiman, PhD specialist sleep problems from the University of Arizona's Center for Integrative Medicine, said about 80 percent of serotonin will be stimulated from exposure to sunlight, so if the sun sinks in the body's levels are also reduced.

"At night when the brain is tired, is the best way to make the body become relaxed like watching funny movies, knitting or doing things that can make the body relaxed, or relaxed," says Naiman.

10 pm to the top: The best time to sleep and suspend all activities
Today is the time for a break tonight and sleep, light settings can help to let the brain rest. After several hours, the brain will be ready again to start the new activity.

Try to get enough sleep as much as 7-8 hours, so that it can obtain optimal health and energy in the morning.

Giant Volcano Under Will Appear in Saudi Arabia

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Giant Volcano Under Will Appear in Saudi Arabia

The earthquake that occurred thousands of times in 2009. Hit Harrat Lunayyir, northwest region of Saudi Arabia, the quake mencenggangkan exp
erts. For isolated areas, there was no volcano. So hard to find the reason why earthquakes happen all that often.

More than a year doing research, experts had found the reason why the earth is often rocked. Below ground in earthquake locations, there is lava (magma fluid incandescent) with a tremendous amount. Giant lava that is thought to ignite a series of earthquakes.

As reported by msnbc edition 27 September 2010, th
e scientists said stretch of lava in that area is very broad. I was so vast expanse of lava that causes the area referred to as "Lava Province." In Arabic, it means Harrat expanse of lava.

Expanse of lava fields in the soil that reaches approximately 180,000 square kilometers. Lava field that formed since 30 million years ago, or since the Saudis broke away from Africa, thought to be one of the triggers the formation of the Red Sea.

At first nearly all geologists suspect that the northwestern part of Saudi Arabia that includes a quiet area. However, some earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that occurred recently changed everything. The area is now suspected as the location of active volcanism.

In April and June 2009 more than 30,000 earthquake struck the ancient lava field. A total of 19 earthquakes recorded at 4 on the Richter scale.

The peak on May 19, 2009, 5.4-scale earthquake on the Richter scale that caused the walls of houses in the city of Al Mandy were damaged. Seismic sensors do not even mention the possibility of volcanic eruptions will occur. At that time, the Saudi Arabian government to evacuate about 40,000 residents from the site.

John Pallister, vulkanologis and Chief U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) for the volcano disaster assistance program, said the process of forming the Red Sea were related to the chain of volcanoes and lava bed in the basement.

The cause of the tsunami

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The cause of the tsunami

Tsunamis can occur if an interruption occurs that causes the movement of large amounts of water, such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides or meteorite that fell to earth. However, 90% of the tsunami is an earthquake under the sea. In recording the history of some of the tsunami caused by the volcano eruption, for example when the eruption of Mount Krakatoa.

Vertical movement on the earth's crust, can lead to the ocean floor rise or drop suddenly, which resulted in disruption of water balance that is above them. This resulted in the energy flow of sea water, which when it reached the coast into a large wave that caused the tsunami.

The speed of tsunami waves depends on the depth of the sea where the waves occurs, where the speed can reach hundreds of kilometers per hour. When the tsunami reaches the shore, its speed will be around 50 km / h and its energy is very damaging coastal areas in its path. In the midst of the tsunami wave height sea only a few centimeters to several meters, but when it reaches shore wave height can reach tens of meters due to a buildup of the water. When the tsunami reaches the coast of the mainland will crawl away from the coastline with a range of several hundred meters can even be a few kilometers.

This vertical motion can occur on the earth fault or the fault. The earthquake also occurred in the subduction area, where the oceanic plate menelusup down the continental shelf.

The landslide that occurred on the seabed and volcanic debris can also lead to disruption of sea water which can generate a tsunami. The earthquake caused perpendicular movement of the earth layer. As a result, the sea rose and fell abruptly so that the balance of sea water which is above them disturbed. Similarly, cosmic objects or meteor that fell from above. If the size of a meteor or landslide is big enough, can occur megatsunami reach hundreds of meters high.

The quake that caused tsunami

* An earthquake centered in the middle of the sea and shallow (0-30 km)
* An earthquake with a strength of at least 6.5 on the Richter Scale
* An earthquake with a pattern of reverse fault or fault down

Gagra, Heaven Changing World Becoming Ghost Town

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Gagra, Heaven Changing World Becoming Ghost Town

Gagra, a city located in the Black Sea Coast is a paradise that turned into a ghost town now. In days of old, complete with luxury homes Gagra like a paradise with a very pleasant climate where there are the royal palace and various forms of buildings which come from all over Europe.

The park is filled with tropical trees to animals such as parrots and monkeys that were brought specifically to Gagra to create the impression of exotic in the area, really makes Gagra as an earthly paradise.

But unfortunately this earthly paradise must collapse because of the war that occurred in 1992-1993 between Abkhazia and Georgia so that Gagra was turned into rubble and eventually become like a ghost town like what you see today.

It's really redundant. If there are interested in building this city again, maybe Gagra could turn into a paradise of the world again with housing, luxury housing around it.

Some Titanic Facts

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Some Titanic Facts

The RMS Titanic

The RMS Titanic in full glory

The world's interest in the fascinating history of Titanic has endured for almost 100 years. April 15, 2005 will mark the 93rd anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic ship and although it has been nearly a century since the infamous luxury liner sank in the Atlantic Ocean, there continues to be a thirst for information regarding Titanic facts, myths and legends.

No other ship in the history of ocean travel has demanded as much interest as the Titanic. Volumes of books and reels of film have been produced regarding the most infamous shipwreck in history. We have attempted to provide here a brief introduction to some of the more fascinating facts, legends and myths regarding the sinking of the ship that was labeled 'unsinkable' before her disastrous maiden voyage in April of 1912.

History of the Titanic

History of the Titanic - The history of Titanic has endured for nearly a century. Find out more about the most fascinating ship and shipwreck in the world and how the tragedy of the ship continues to affect us today.

1912, the sinking of the Titanic.

April 15, 1912, The Sinking of the Titanic - When the Titanic embarked on her maiden voyage the world was filled with hope and awe. In just a few short days those emotions turned to horror and grief. Find out what really happened that day in 1912: the sinking of the Titanic.

Passengers on the Titanic

Passengers on the Titanic- One of the most fascinating aspects about the tragic history of the Titanic, is the eclectic mix of passengers onboard the ill fated luxury liner. When the ship sank, the lives of both the famous and the unknown were lost as well. Spend a few moments learning about the famous and not so famous passengers on the Titanic. Look here for a Titanic passenger list with the names of first, second and third
class passengers and survivors.

The Titanic Ship

Titanic Ship - While the Titanic ship initially earned fame as the largest luxury liner on the open seas, she would obtain enduring distinction for the tragedy that took the ship to her watery grave. Return to the Titanic and discover the surprising facts that led to the ship's destruction from the moment she set sail.

Titanic Facts

Titanic Facts - It has been almost 100 years since the Titanic sank. During that time a number of myths and legends have grown up around the sinking of the now infamous ship. Take a few moments to read about some of the more interesting and true Titanic facts.

Titanic Movie

Titanic Movie -The 1997 release of 'Titanic' renewed the world's interest in a bygone era and the fate of the Titanic's maiden voyage. Find out more about the Titanic movie that captured the world's interest and won a ton of Academy Awards.

Titanic Pictures

Titanic Pictures - For years the world pondered what the 'ship of dreams' might have really looked like and wondered if any part of the ship still remained to be seen somewhere below the icy depths of the Atlantic Ocean. In 1985 the first pictures of the wreck were taken. Immerse yourself in pictures of the Titanic's grave and find out what role those pictures have made in discovering the truth about the ship's tragic end.

Titanic Construction

Titanic Construction - The White Star Line billed the Titanic as 'unsinkable' months before the ship ever embarked on her maiden voyage. Her construction was reputed to have been the best of the best. So, why did she sink and did the ship's construction have anything to do with the tragedy?

Titanic Manifest

Titanic Manifest - The manifest of the maiden, and only, voyage of the Titanic provides a fascinating look into life aboard the famous luxury liner during her brief few days at sea. Find out why the Titanic was called 'the ship of dreams'.

Titanic Wreck

Titanic Wreck - Following the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, various groups and individuals searched for the Titanic wreck for decades. Many had started to believe the ship's grave would never be found. Become immersed in the search for the Titanic wreck.

Titanic Artifacts

Titanic Artifacts - The artifacts recovered from the Titanic wreck are a sad reminder of what happened that April morning of 1912.
Menus, clothes, jewelry, bottles of wine, letters from passengers on the Titanic, etc. were salvaged from the depths of the ocean and put on display in museums and exhibits or auctioned.