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New Theory, Methane Gas Causes Number Of Ships Lost in Bermuda

Posted by Mahendra blog Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Theory, Methane Gas Causes Number Of Ships Lost in Bermuda

The mystery disappearance of some ships and aircraft in the area called "Bermuda Triangle" has led to new theories.Put away our expectations about an alien spacecraft, the anomaly time, the giant pyramid of Atlantis, or meteorological phenomena.

Bermuda Triangle is a common phenomenon of acute gas, according to the Natural gas, as gas produced by boiling water. Primarily methane, is the prime suspect behind the disappearance of some aircraft and ships.

Evidence from the discovery that brought a new perspective on the mysteries that haunt the world for many years was contained in the reports the American Journal of Physics.
Methane Gas Bermuda
Professor Joseph Monaghan examine the hypothesis was accompanied by David May at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

Two hypotheses of the study is the giant balloons of methane gas out of the ocean floor that cause most (not saying all) of a mysterious accident at that location.

Ivan T Sanderson actually have identified the mysterious zones during the 1960's. Sanderson even really describe the mysterious zones more than a diamond shaped like a triangle.

Sanderson found that not only the Bermuda Triangle but the Japan Sea and North Sea are two areas where mysterious events are common.The Oseanograf who roam on the seabed of the Bermuda Triangle and the North Sea, the region between mainland Europe and the United Kingdom reported finding a lot of methane content and sites of former landslide.

Departure from this connection and the available data, two researchers describe what happens when a giant balloon burst of methane from the seabed.

Methane is usually frozen under a layer of underground rock, get out and turn into a gas balloon dilated geometrically when he moves to the top. When it reaches the surface of water, gas-filled balloon that will continue to grow upward and outward.

This theory was successfully tested in the laboratory and the results satisfy some people on a reasonable explanation about the mysterious disappearance of planes and ships that pass in the area.

According to Bill Dillon of the U.S. Geological Survey, water-white glow that was the cause. In the area of Bermuda triangle of death, and also in several other areas along the coast of the continent, there is a "mine methane."
The mine is formed when methane gas accumulated beneath the sea floor that can not be penetrated. This gas can escape if a sudden sea floor cracked.

Training while also satisfying passage was abysmal. With awesome power, the stack gas was sprayed onto the surface while boiling water, forming methane hydrate compounds.
Water that passed through this gas to boil until it looks like a "water-white glow." Blow out a similar thing that ever happened in the Caspian Sea has a lot to swallow the oil drilling platform as a victim.

Rescuers who are deployed do not find the rest at all. Perhaps because the tools and people who become the victims of whirlpool sucked, and fell into the hole former seafloor cracks, and soil and water that originally went up but then settles again on the sea floor, piled them all.

Each ship is trapped inside a giant helium balloon that will immediately falter and sink to the bottom of the ocean. If the balloon is large enough and has sufficient density, then the aircraft can be struck down by it.

Aircraft methane trapped in a giant balloon, likely suffered because it was covered by machine keruskan methane and immediately lost its godfather.


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