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Archaeologists Find World's Oldest Brain networks that are still well preserved

Archaeologist claims to find the brain of the world's oldest man who sacrificed for the ritual ceremony in the Iron Age, UK. Interestingly, the brain was still save the network.

Scientists who found the skull in a muddy hole while digging around the area of ​​the University of York, Heslington, UK, claimed to be surprised to find brain tissue was stored in the skull.

Tests prove that the brain belonged to a man who lived in the age of iron and killed with terrifying way, 2,500 years ago. But scientists wonder how can the brain tissue that usually decompose for several years managed to survive in the time period for so long.

"The existence of the brain that were buried so long is very strange and rare," said Sonia O'Connor, archaeologist at the University of Bradford.

"The brain is a very interesting object because it preserved well. This is the oldest brain ever recorded in British history and became one of the oldest in the world brain," said O'Connor.

Experts say the brain is thought to belong to men aged 26-45 who died by hanging and then his head cut off and buried separately with her ​​body.

Scientists are now investigating how proteins and lipids that are found in the brain that are stored and how your man died and was buried.

"This is the most comprehensive investigation to really understand how the brain can survive for thousands of years, while other soft tissue has decayed," said O'Connor again.


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