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Big Splash, Tibetan Mastiff Dog Hairy bushy This World's Most Expensive

Posted by Mahendra blog Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Splash, Tibetan Mastiff Dog Hairy bushy This World's Most Expensive

Many people claim money can not buy love. However, with 945 thousand pounds (Rp13, 2 billion), you can buy a 'friend' most expensive in the world.

Dogs are often considered as a faithful friend of humans. Tibetan Mastiff dog red became the most expensive dog in the world after the sale with 945 thousand pounds. The dog was named Big Splash purchased coal millionaire businessman from northern China who are not to be named.

Luckily, the new owners do not mind spending big to eating Big Spalsh who weighs 286 pounds (the equivalent of rugby players), including chicken, beef, sea cucumber and abalone.

"We've spent a lot of money to raise these dogs. We also have to pay the salary of some staff, "said the previous owner, Lu Liang.

Big Splash is the perfect species to breed again because mature age, 11 months. High price for these dogs deserve considering the Tibetan Mastiff is considered as a symbol of prosperity in China.

Just like jewelry and luxury cars for most upper-class society. The dog was considered to be noble and able to bless the owner with perfect health and safety.

Dogs believed to have the soul of Tibet monks and nuns who are not quite capable of being reincarnated as a human being or back to Shambhala, heavenly nature.

Dogs are also very intelligent and sensitive to the danger, so that is usually used to keep livestock and children.


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