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Spicy Flavor Powerful Lower Blood Pressure

Posted by Mahendra blog Friday, March 4, 2011

Spicy Flavor Powerful Lower Blood Pressure

Like spicy food? There is good news for fans of spicy food spicy chili peppers and various spices. Not only can you make the body more fresh, sweat and bad effects on the tongue, peppers also have tremendous benefits, especially for people with high blood pressure.

Many people are uncomfortable eating if there's no chili sauce or spicy taste. Despite the soaring price of chili is rising, is still wanted by the fans of chili. There that feels less complete, less passion if you eat chili or spicy flavor with no bite. Not only giving a sense of spicy, chili also has benefits, can lower blood pressure!

Based on the latest research results, spicy foods can help lower high blood pressure. The researchers, Third Military Medical University, discovered the existence of compounds contained in chili known as capsaicin (8-methyl-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide). Senayawa is able to relax the blood vessels.

In laboratory tests, a rat who suffer from hypertension, given the compound capsaicin, and observed their development. Found a decrease in blood pressure in rodents is lower from time to time.

The findings were published in the journal Cell Metabolism, which shows elements of capsaicin that could trigger an increase in nitric oxide production - gas molecules that have the ability to protect the inflammation of blood vessels.

However, it needs further study needed to determine the amount of chili consumption per day to eat, to get the health benefits. High blood pressure sometimes do not provide clear signs of impending stroke, heart and kidney disorders. Today, heart disease has become the number 1 killer disease in the world.

No harm in eating a spicy chili bite more often, who knows the benefits will be felt in the future. At least more fresh bodies because of sweating and eating so much gusto! Huah .. huah!


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