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Business Success Inhaling Volcanic Ash Hazards to Your Health

Posted by Mahendra blog Friday, January 28, 2011

Business Success
Inhaling Volcanic Ash Hazards to Your Health

Volcanic ash by the eruption of Mount Merapi continues to fly to different areas around the volcano. Communities should be aware of this because ash can damage the health of respiratory, eye, and skin.

Once erupted on Tuesday (26/10) and then, the eruption of Mount Merapi aftershocks continue to occur. Saturday (30/10) evening, again the most active volcano in the world issued a cloud of heat. Followed by the next eruption on Monday (1 / 11). Not only the victims of property and lives, the eruption of Mount Merapi, also have negative impacts on health.

Volcanic ash from Mount Merapi on the wind in any direction up to a lot of dangerous people around, especially on health. Volcanic ash is often called the fall volcanic sand or piroklastic. Piroklastic fall is falling volcanic materials are ejected into the air during the eruption.

It is said by experts from the lung health Omni Hospital Alam Sutera Tangerang, Dr. Iskandar Thahri SPP, in principle, when the eruption occurred, various kinds of rocks removed. "The content contained in volcanic ash is very varied," said the doctor graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, UB this.

Thahri say, if divided, then the content of the volcanic ash is composed of sand and rocks, the eruption products such as sulfur, are also a lot of hot clouds called wedhus trash. "Everything is very influential on health, particularly the lungs," he said.

Still described Thahri, while attacking the respiratory, effects that occur can vary. For example, when attacking the people who were previously healthy, it depends how much dust was attacking someone. "The position also determines how much ash into our breathing," he said.

Well, if the position of someone close to the volcanic ash which is then entered into the respiratory quite a lot, then it could make the airways swell because of the effects of heat. What happened, could have shortness of breath, even life-threatening.

If the cloud rises into the sky which then form a cloud of hot, then it could be caused acid rain which also endangers the health or the environment. The content of toxins in the hot clouds had to reduce soil fertility and death to animals. "However, if someone is in a position that far, automatic impact on health would be reduced or milder symptoms," he said.

Unlike the case with someone who has been troubled in the lungs, such as in patients with asthma for example. Generally, a person who has a history of asthma, the asthma will recurrence. "Volcanic Ash is one of the triggers of asthma attacks," he explained.

We all know that asthma is a disease that occurs constantly in nature that usually occurs when there are originators. In this case, volcanic ash into one powerful asthma trigger, so that usually occurs in people with asthma is asthma that can arise at any time during exposure of volcanic ash.

In addition to asthma, the volcanic ash also very dangerous for someone who already suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or disease caused a toxic gas or smoke and dangerous.

In Indonesia, known as gas or smoke the most dangerous is secondhand smoke, even the disease is referred to as a disease of cigarette smoke because of the dominance that is too large by cigarette smoke that cause the disease appear. More and more exposed to smoke, the higher the risk.

"Normal people just if exposed to strong enough so affected in his health. Especially people with a history of previous respiratory disease, "said Thahir.

Especially for children who are exposed to volcanic ash, they will be more sensitive than adults because of breathing in children are in growth. For example, if a child is spending too sweet, they will be faster cough being too sensitive on the food it consumes. For people who already have lung disease earlier, so no complaints, call the experts lung immediately.

It is said by a lung specialist from Friendship Hospital, Dr Agus Dwi Susanto SPP, volcanic ash is very disturbing to human health associated with various things, especially the lungs, eyes and skin.
"In general, the effects of volcanic ash in the lung will cause irritation because it is acidic," said faculty of the Division of Pulmonary and Environment Department of Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine Faculty of medicine / RSCM.

Described by him, what happens is irritation of the respiratory tract top to bottom, such as coughing or sneezing. However, if further phase, it can cause sore throat, phlegm accumulation, shortness of breath, too recurrence in lung disease if a person has previously had a history of respiratory disease. "The disease can occur, if it happens constantly and for years," he said.

Still described Agus, due to the continuation of airway irritation that occurs is the increased risk of acute respiratory infections (ARI). As for the long-term effects, there could be accumulation of silica dust in the lung or the risk of silicosis.

Health impacts that occur outside the respiratory or lung health, including irritation of the eyes, such as watery eyes to blindness. The skin becomes affected part of the danger of volcanic, including irritation of itching, could create erosion, even the skin can be burned by volcanic ash. "Avoid exposure to volcanic ash and go far from the source of volcanic ash," the message.

Agus gave the message that people around who are exposed to volcanic ash to continue to protect themselves from hazards, such as using a mask that is safe. Select respirator masks that can filter out small particles so that dust can not enter from the side. "Masks are used to thin so it can not protect 100 percent. However, the masks still recommended as a means of personal protection, "said the doctor is a graduate of FK UI.


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