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Sunrise Two Days Faster than usually in Greenland

Posted by Mahendra blog Friday, January 21, 2011

Sunrise Two Days Faster than usually in Greenland

The sun on top of Greenland, the island country that lies between the Arctic Sea and the Atlantic and eastern Canada, came two days ahead of schedule normally. According to scientists, the sun which usually rises at the beginning of this year is a sign of the end of a long night for one and a half months there.

But for the first time in the history of the sun visible in the horizon line at 1300 local time on 11 January. In fact, according to the schedule, the sun should shine on 13 January.

Rare occurrence is suspected because the top layer of surface ice in Greenland melts so that sunlight can penetrate early. This theory is based on a study of changes in the weather which proved that the level of the top layer of ice in Greenland began to decline.

Report of the World Meteorological Organization said that temperatures in Greenland rose about 3 degrees Celsius from the average temperature last year.

In addition, last December the air temperature is also warmer than usual and more rain fell than snow. Some have argued that the emergence of the sun the faster the two days it probably had something to do with outer space phenomena.

But, Wolfgang Lenhardt, director of the geophysics department of the Central Institute of Meteorology in Vienna, reject the theory. "The constellation stars never change. If that happens, there would be chaos on earth, "he said.


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