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Phosphorus bombs, explosion Very Beautiful But Deadly Impact

Posted by Mahendra blog Friday, January 14, 2011

Phosphorus bombs, explosion Very Beautiful But Deadly Impact
Phosphorus bombs or cool names often called WP (White Phosphorus) or more cool again called Willy Pete. The main purpose of this is the use of WP as a signal to the troops at night and for the purpose of firing or bomb.

Its use is allowed in the war but became illegal when used in the area of population or area that many civilians.Phosphorus bombs
The use of WP has been made since World War I. WP are widely used in the military is a pyrophoric material that is spontaneously combustible, and very active easily react with oxygen.

When the open air in contact with the WP will light and oxidizes into phosphorus pentoxide. The heat generated due to this reaction burst into yellow flame and produces a thick white smoke.

Phosphorus is an element that comes from ancient Greek that is "phosphoros". Found in 1669, exists in allotropic form of white (or yellow), red, and black (or violet). Usually the phosphorus found in the form of a solid white wax, in its original form of phosphorus is colorless and transparent.

Phosphorus bombs

Phosphorus is never found free in nature. Phosphorus is usually contained by a combination of minerals. The source of this WP is the stone of phosphorus which are found in Russia, Morocco, Florida, Utah, Idaho, Tennessee.

Consequences thereof
WP if the human cause burns deep and painful burns that could produce up to penetrate the bone.

The characteristics of the resulting burns seen at the necrotic with yellowish color and smell like garlic. Many believe that this WP burns due to take a long time to heal.
Its on fire because of contact with the open air, making the burning of the skin to be long because as long as WP is still in contact with the air he will continue to burn until the material completely burned out.

Some Facts about the bomb Phosphorus / WP:
Phosphorus bombs

* White phosphorus smoke can cause chemical that can burn the skin to the bone.
* These chemicals react quickly when exposed to oxygen by splashing in the old orange flame.
* In war, these materials are often used as a puff of smoke views, but can also be used as an incendiary which resulted in fatal injuries.
* Phosphorus burns are always on stage two or three because the particles are still burning and the fire did not stop even after contact with skin, until completely discharged. It is sometimes not realized until the injury has reached the bone.


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