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Amazing, Rain of Fire in the Sun Recorded by NASA

Posted by Mahendra blog Sunday, June 26, 2011

Amazing, Rain of Fire in the Sun Recorded by NASA

Sun flames erupted on Tuesday (7 / 6) morning. Uniquely, the eruption did not cause the flames into the sky, but returned to the sun, creating a rain-shaped crown.

Researchers from NASA's Solar, Jack Ireland, claimed to have never seen anything like this. The eruption of relatively medium-sized, but the plasma-containing magnets that posed flames called the filament can be 10 times the size of Earth. Genesis of the eruption within a few hours.

Large filaments normally despite the sun's magnetic field and lead into space. NASA scientist explains, Alex Young. Only in the event this time, the filament back to the sun. "The possibility did not have enough energy," he said.

The rain did not fall in plasma perpendicular to the sun, but to follow magnetic field lines that are not visible. Some materials are attracted to bright spots of magnetic activity, called the active area. "Field of the magnets that draw an active area of ​​the plasma. Something that I had never seen before," said Young.

The incident was recorded by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. The incident itself will not affect the Earth. "No need to worry. Enjoy the beauty," said Young.


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