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Two Biggest Secrets Revealed The behavior of the Universe

Posted by Mahendra blog Sunday, June 26, 2011

 Two Biggest Secrets Revealed The behavior of the Universe

The astronomers found that galaxies in the universe has the behavior of 'wake up' or 'asleep'. Galaxies 'wake up' very actively forming stars, while galaxies 'asleep' not forming any new stars.

Astronomers find nearest galaxy in the universe fall into one of these conditions. But a new survey shows distant universe, young galaxies at a distance 12 billion million light-years is also on the condition awake or asleep. That is, galaxies having this kind of behavior for more than 85% of the history of the universe.

"In fact, seeing a young galaxy in the distant universe have died is amazing," said study leader Kate Whitaker quoted a description of Yale University.

Not many galaxies are in between these conditions, further Pieter van Dokkum of Yale astronomer who also joined in this study.

"This discovery shows how fast the galaxies into one of the conditions, from active to make a death star," he said.

"Furthermore, we hope to determine whether the galaxies can enter between the conditions at will. We're very curious to know how long the galaxy's asleep," he concluded.


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