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Green Light Phenomena in Surface Moon

Posted by Mahendra blog Monday, June 27, 2011

Green Light Phenomena in Surface Moon

Gerhard Hüdepohl who take care of recording images photos space at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) to record the emission of green light from the Moon. Ray is it?

Gerhard managed to capture the phenomenon in an image consisting of several photos. He found a green glow on the moon during the morning was sunny conditions at the Paranal Residencia.

Green rays actually not uncommon. At Cerro Paranal, a mountain as high as 2,600 meters in the Atacama desert, Chile, green light often seen in the Sun is about to go down. Photos Gerhard surprising because the phenomenon is usually found on the Sun are rare on the Moon.

Green beam of light that occurs due to refraction by the atmosphere. Earth's atmosphere bend light. Deflection the greater the atmospheric conditions are not too dense layers.

Light with shorter wavelengths is deflected more than longer wavelength light.

In Gerhard position when taking a photo, a green light from the Sun or the Moon whose position is slightly higher than the light orange and red. In the right conditions, the emission of green light can be seen at the top of the Sun or the Moon while in the near horizon.


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