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Could Technology Flying Saucer (UFO) Already Have Mastered The Age of Solomon?

Posted by Mahendra blog Friday, December 17, 2010

Could Technology Flying Saucer (UFO) Already Have Mastered The Age of Solomon?

In this article author (Jonathan Simamora) attempts to provide scientific studies that collected in the form of analysis that might would cause a serious conversation.

Admin feel that the assessment given author with some analysis and commentary relating to the Al-Quran and science can open a little way we look at the Flying Saucer technology or what we call UFOs.

Several explanations or citations, have been admin try sarikan by reducing and or add some more sections to facilitate analysis in understanding the analysis, but still does not remove the core and purpose to be conveyed by the author.

Let's Think, is not the Koran is very good information to be reviewed? Civilization is very modern, the buildings are built with very high, the removal of the palace done in an instant at the time of the Prophet Solomon and certainly more things that we think is not possible to be done with existing technology at the time.
The question is, why such advanced civilizations were destroyed? But the remnants of civilization still can we meet now and who is able to bring civilization and mastered it in the present?


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