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Striped Tiger Dead Leaves, When the Moon Dead Leaves?

Posted by Mahendra blog Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Striped Tiger Dead Leaves, When the Moon Dead Leaves?

Beautiful ring encircling the planet Saturn are thought to be relics of the moons are "murdered". Then came a variety of headlines that used the term "cosmic murder" which refers to the demise of the moon that causes the appearance of colorful rings on the outside of the Planet Saturn.

Saturn moon murder victims is unknown what it's called. Months are marked disappeared at 4.5 billion years ago. The cause of death of these months are the plates of hydrogen gas (H) that surrounds Saturn at a time and at the same time there occurred the formation of the months of Saturn. However, now there is no trace of hydrogen gas.

According to the Cornell University astronomer Joe Burns, the mystery of Saturn's rings "is a puzzle for scientists for centuries."
Looking at the rings of Saturn, there are problems to be solved. In addition to the above theory, there is the theory that the moon-moon (Saturn) collide with each other. Another theory reveals the existence of the asteroid that hit several months that produce debris that form a ring.

The problem is, the months of Saturn are composed of gas and rock. Meanwhile, seven rings of Saturn is about 95 percent consists of ice and most likely composed of ice them first.

Recent studies sixth planet Earth, Planet Saturn, indicating that the month of death left circle Saturn's rings.

Attracted to the planet

The authors report the study of Saturn's rings, Robin Canup of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, USA, say, Saturn play a role in the killing of those months. "Saturn's accomplice (killer) and the rings are the result," said Canup.

Canup opened his theory with the events that occurred billions of years ago during the process of formation of the months. A large plate of hydrogen when it is circulated around Saturn. The plate helped the formation of the moon
Big moon in the system is likely to spin regularly attracted to the inside (toward Saturn) due to the mass of hydrogen gas interested. Month with the death process into a spiral motion lasted about 10,000 years. How did the rings of Saturn are born is to understand what happened at that time.
According to computer modeling by Canup, Saturn's ice cut from a month of very large size which is quite far from the planet Saturn could not be trapped in the ring.

Saturn's rings in the first size 10 - 100 times the current size of the ring. However, according to Canup, most of the ice is then joined in the months attached to a very small size of Saturn. According to Canup, Saturn has about 62 months and 53 pieces of them have names.

Regularly found in the months just by the Cassini spacecraft of the National Aeronautics and Space United States (NASA), launched in October 1997.

However, the findings can not explain the rings that surround the other planets in the solar system, like the planet Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus.

"Maybe the rings of other planets were formed in a different way from Saturn," said Canup.

Saturn is the planet with the size of the second largest planet in the solar system after Jupiter. According to Burns, who put forward the theory Canup much better in explaining the heavy ice components present in Saturn's rings.

Meanwhile, Larry Esposito, the inventor of one of Saturn's rings, revealed, "It's scientific work is smart, original idea."

"I'm inclined to say that what happened was like a cosmic recycling," said Esposito. Initially was months later into the ring and then into months.

"Such mechanism is not a process of death, but is a cosmic effort to reuse materials, use them over and over again," he said.


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