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Genetically Engineered Mice Results It Can Sing Like Birds

Posted by Mahendra blog Thursday, December 23, 2010

Genetically Engineered Mice Results It Can Sing Like Birds

A group of scientists at Osaka University to modify genes in mice are susceptible to mutations in their project called Evolved Mouse Project. The scientists expect the birth of mice with different physical forms. The result?

"Mutation is the power to encourage evolution. We have conducted genetic crosses in mice to see what would happen," said lead researcher that, Uchimura Arikuni as quoted from the pages of The Telegraph.

The team then examined every mice born from these crosses. "One day, we discovered that mice sing like a bird," Arukuni. He admitted that he was shocked by the discovery because he was expecting a mouse that has a different physical.

He noted that the 'mouse singing' was born by chance but the nature will be passed on to future generations.

Laboratory who commandeered Takeshi Yagi, professor at the university, located in western Japan now has more than 100 'mice sing' for further research.

The research team is hoping to find guidance on how humans evolved language, such as research in various countries who studied the finches to help them understand the origins of human language.

Here's the video:

"Studies on rats better because rats are mammals and humans closer to the views of the structure of the brain and other biological aspects," said Arikuni.

"We see how the rats released a new sound will affect the normal mice in the same group, in other words if it has a social connotation," he said, adding that mice squeak is common, especially under stress.


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