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Pan, moon in the Solar System Most Strange that orbits the Saturn

Posted by Mahendra blog Friday, December 17, 2010

Pan, moon in the Solar System Most Strange that orbits the Saturn

Flying saucer-shaped object looks strange. Hence, scientists who study Saturn's moon Pan declared as the solar system's strangest moon.

NASA experts say that the moon Pan is relatively young because it has a ring of ice particles in the planet. It's become evident how the formation of the Earth and the planets around it.
When viewing the first time, a strange shape-related Pan suspected this object speeds around Saturn. However, recent studies have shown that the speed Pan predicted 14 hours in a single rotation, not fast enough to give the appearance of a strange flying saucer.

Most likely, the unusual appearance was related components and composition of ice particles in a porous material that affects the formation of the moon Pan.

NASA experts say that Pan protomoon consists of two sides that have been destroyed due to the destruction of billions of years ago. This process is almost similar to the formation of the Earth and moon, as quoted from Evoscience.


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