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Unique Facts North Pole and South Pole of Earth

Posted by Mahendra blog Friday, December 17, 2010

Unique Facts North Pole and South Pole of EarthSome of you already know that penguins are only found in Antarctica. Do not expect to see birds that look cute on the north pole.
Although similar, both the mainland at the end of planet Earth, which is dominated ice, north pole and south pole to save a lot of difference. Penguin is just one example of the difference alone.

Arctic ice in the polar region north is basically a frozen ocean surrounded by land that is often called the circle of the Arctic (Arctic Circle). In contrast, the Antarctic in the south polar region is the continent with ice-covered mountains and lakes surrounded by sea.

Antarctic continent containing nearly 90 percent of ice around the world. If melted, the entire Antarctic ice is sufficient to meet drinking water needs of three-quarters around the world. So do not be surprised if Prince Mohammed Al Faisal of Saudi Arabia had planned to transport 100 million tons of ice from Antarctica to the country.

Antarctica is much colder than the Arctic so that even there there is a layer of ice that never melts throughout history. Temperatures average -49 degrees Celsius.

Coldest temperature ever recorded on July 21, 1983 amounted to -89.6 degrees Celsius at Vostok Station, near the south geomagnetic pole. While the Arctic has a temperature higher average around -34 degrees Celsius.Due to warmer temperatures, the formation of ozone hole over the north pole is not as bad as the south pole. Therefore, warmer temperatures cause the formation of stratospheric clouds that damage the ozone layer less.However, the stratosphere above the Arctic experienced cooling from year to year so that the ozone hole getting bigger. It may not be for the Antarctic ozone hole reached the European continent wide.
Sea ice-dominated thin ice in the Arctic is more easily cracked when summer comes. In fact, the latest report mentions, smooth ice has hit all parts of the Arctic as summer arrives.
In the Antarctic ice sheet cracks hit areas once off the edge just yet, ice floating island could sail from Antarctica to New Zealand.

Until now, the Arctic region is still a bone of contention between superpower nations. Russia had to rush to claim power in the north pole with a flag stuck in the bottom waters last year.

Russia already prepared gas drilling on Lomonosov Ridge, mountain ranges under the sea at a depth of 1920 meters to obtain 10 billion tons of gas.
But the U.S. also did not want to lose by sending a Coast Guard icebreaker to map the borders back in Alaska before the ice there continues to shrink because of global warming. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that there are oil content below the Arctic up to a quarter of world oil content.
Although the South Pole is expected to also save oil, especially around the Ross Sea, probably mined today is very small. Antarctica has received protection in accordance Antarctic Treaty that prohibits anyone doing any form of oil exploration and Antarctic regions make peace, and research together.Throughout history, Antarctica was never controlled by anyone and no indigenous people there. Contrast to the Arctic circle there are some populated cities such as Barrow in Alaska, Tromso, Norway, and Muramansk and Salekhaard, Russia. In north polar Eskimo people live.
Also, only in Arctic polar bears can be found naturally. Perhaps this is also the most powerful reason why the Penguins are only found in south pole never used its wings to fly.
Living in their respective territory, penguins and polar bears eat fish together and top the food chain.


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