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The origins of Mount Fujiyama in Japan

Posted by Mahendra blog Monday, October 18, 2010

The origins of Mount Fujiyama in Japan

Mount Fuji is a mountain of eternity or the Japanese call it Fuji san (san means mountain, Mount Fuji special mention) is an active volcano located on the border of Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefecture. Height of Mount Fuji is 3776 M. This mountain is a symbol for a country other than Japan's cherry blossoms.
Behind the legend of the beauty of a view Fujiyama has an interesting story. Narrated in the days of yore a pair of grandparents living in remote villages. The work of his grandfather was a lumberjack bamboo. On a day when his grandfather would cut down the bamboo, he saw a glow like golden bamboo. Out of curiosity, and he cut the bamboo and bamboo found in the girl who was found about 9 cm tall.

The old man then took the girl home. At home, the grandfather told my grandmother and they finally gave him the name Kaguya. After treating Kaguya, every grandfather went into the mountains to cut bamboo, the bamboo is definitely found in gold. The life they became prosperous thanks to Kaguya.

Not feel princess Kaguya grown into a very beautiful princess figure until her beauty had spread throughout the country. Many people from the royal officials are to want to marry princess Kaguya, but somehow princess Kaguya reject their applications. Princess Kaguya think of a way to reject their application to bring the goods ordered an impossible existence.
Anyone who managed to bring the desired items of the princess, then he will receive one of their applications. The goods include sacred bowl of the Buddha, a necklace made of dragon's eyeballs, glowing fan and others. The men arrived with the requested items, but all the stuff that was taken was counterfeit because the goods demanded the impossible princess Kaguya found on this earth.
Night full moon would come soon. Looking at the moon, Kaguya princess wept in grief. Grandpa and grandma was worried why her beloved daughter to feel sad. Finally on August 8, princess Kaguya convey his feelings kapada grandparents. He admitted that he actually came from the moon and must return to the moon during a full moon arrives. Princess Kaguya sad at having to leave her beloved grandfather and grandmother. Because do not want to lose the princess Kaguya, the grandfather and grandmother tried to defend when the princess Kaguya princess picked up by delegates month to return to the moon. But his efforts were in vain. Finally went to the moon princess Kaguya.

As a memento and token of gratitude, princess Kaguya give Fushi no kusuri (medicine for eternal life) to the grandparents who had been cared for him. Unfortunately, the grandfather of burn medicine because he felt it could even eternal life by taking the drug, without any Kaguya what's on their side. Grandfather burn medicine on the highest mountain peak in Japan. Mountain where his grandfather set fire to the drug was then given the name Fushi No Yama (mountain everlasting), and the mountain now known as Fujiyama.


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