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Experts Predicting North Jakarta Drowning 2030

Posted by Mahendra blog Monday, October 18, 2010

Experts Predicting North Jakarta Drowning 2030

Based on the info official statement WALHI Jakarta North Jakarta precisely predict will sink in 2030. Really? Natural occurrence that is very strange and unique explosion of the bus Lorena suddenly some time ago. It is important to read information when Jakarta will sink to be anticipated well and not chaotic. like

The capital Jakarta is predicted to sink in 2030. These estimates could occur if the city administration did not immediately anticipated. Because now, almost 50 percent of the Jakarta area prone to disappear.

According to the Director of the Chairman of Forum for Environment (WALHI), Jakarta, Ubaidillah, based on research conducted ITB Bandung, evident from the rate of land subsidence in Jakarta which increased dramatically from 0.8 cm per year in the period 1982 to 1992 to 18-26 cm per year in 2008 , especially in the area of North Jakarta.

According to him, the natural conditions in the capital have reached a chronic, the main cause because of the lack of catchment areas. From the data held Wahli, Jakarta annually soil water deficit of 66.6 million cubic meters annually.

Of rain water as much as 2 billion cubic meters annually flushed Jakarta absorbed only 36 percent, while the rest is wasted to the sewer and river. "It must be anticipated if the city does not want a total collapse," he said when contacted, Saturday, September 18, 2010.

He reveals, based on the observation Walhi ambrol threatened several areas including RE Martadinata Street, Tanjung Priok, Pademangan, Ancol, Kp. Bandan, Lodan Road and Fish Market Penjaringan in North Jakarta. In Central Jakarta: Jayakarta Prince Road, Big Wet, and along the way protocols MH Thamrin-Sudirman. East Jakarta: Pulogadung and Road Industrial Estate Bogor Raya. In West Jakarta: Jalan Daan Mogot, Cengkareng, and Kamal Muara.

While in South Jakarta, soil conditions are still relatively intact. But not terututup possibility next 2-3 years will be prone to disappear, given the high levels of population and the continued increase in the settlement.

Ubaidillah explained, the use of excessive ground water and have a negative impact on soil conditions, which must be considered another government building projects is the establishment does not consider the ecological balance. Building, such as shopping centers.

Head of Department of Public Works (PU) DKI, Ery Basworo, said there are areas prone to disappear mostly on roads that intersect with the river directly. However, Ery said, road conditions would remain safe if the plastering to be done to stem abrasion well.

Related capital road conditions, Ery admitted will coordinate with Sudin PU in each region to conduct inspections of existing roads. Given the many roads that intersect Establishments with penurapannya main river is the responsibility of central government.

Earlier, the Governor of Jakarta, Fauzi Bowo, requested the Ministry of Public Works, to conduct a thorough investigation of lost road. This investigation, said Foke, involves the construction and strength of the soil layer under which it will build the road.

"The investigation should not only be done on the road that lose Within the 7 meters but have a whole shelf of this road which reaches 103 meters," he said. VIVAnews.
FIGURE vanish NEW JL RE Martadinata

Official Statement Prediction When Jakarta East South West Northern Drowning


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