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Gagra, Heaven Changing World Becoming Ghost Town

Posted by Mahendra blog Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gagra, Heaven Changing World Becoming Ghost Town

Gagra, a city located in the Black Sea Coast is a paradise that turned into a ghost town now. In days of old, complete with luxury homes Gagra like a paradise with a very pleasant climate where there are the royal palace and various forms of buildings which come from all over Europe.

The park is filled with tropical trees to animals such as parrots and monkeys that were brought specifically to Gagra to create the impression of exotic in the area, really makes Gagra as an earthly paradise.

But unfortunately this earthly paradise must collapse because of the war that occurred in 1992-1993 between Abkhazia and Georgia so that Gagra was turned into rubble and eventually become like a ghost town like what you see today.

It's really redundant. If there are interested in building this city again, maybe Gagra could turn into a paradise of the world again with housing, luxury housing around it.


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