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Slowly Month Avoiding The Earth Move

Posted by Mahendra blog Saturday, October 16, 2010

Slowly Month Avoiding The Earth Move

At one time, millions of years from now our descendants will not be able to see the moon as it is now. No more the phenomenon of a total eclipse of the sun or moon, except track record in the history of science. Slowly, but surely the moon increasingly moving away from Earth.

Not without reason Neil Armstrong first man to set foot on the moon left a trail reflector panel which consist of 100 mirrors a few minutes before he left the moon on July 21, 1969. Reflector is then led to the discovery of facts amazing man

Utilize reflectors left on the moon, Prof. Carroll Alley, a physicist from the University of Maryland, USA, observed movement of the moon's orbit. The trick is to shoot the laser from the observatory to the reflector on the moon. Unexpectedly, the annual observations, the earth-moon distance recorded from the laser travel speed of the earth-moon continues to grow.
Reinforced a number of observations at McDonald Observatory, Texas, USA, using 0.7-meter telescope obtained the fact that the distance of the moon's orbit is moving away at a rate of 3.8 centimeters per year.

The experts believed, 4.6 billion years ago, when formed, the size of the moon visible from earth could a 15-fold than it is now. The distance was only 22.530 kilometers, the twentieth of the current distance (385,000 km).

If humans had lived in those days, the days run more faster. The count was going to a different calendar. How not, when in orbit around the earth month period only 20 days, not 29-30 days like today. The rotation of the earth when it was going faster, just 18 hours a day.

Millions of years from now, along with the separation of the moon, the days on earth would be the longer, up to 40 days a month. Today could last longer, up to 30 hours. So, why did this happen?

Takaho Miura of the University of Hirosaki, Japan, in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics argues, if the earth and the moon, including the sun, pushing himself. One of them, this interaction triggered by tidal forces of sea water.

Tidal forces caused by the moon on the oceans of the earth was gradually moving the force rotation of the earth to orbit the moon movement style. As a result, each year orbit of the moon away. In contrast, the earth's rotation slows 0.000017 seconds per year.

Climate Stability

The fact the separation of the moon's orbit is a threat not only human populations, but also the lives of living creatures on earth. The movement of the moon, as stated by Dr. Jacques Laskar, an astronomer at the Paris Observatory, plays an important role to maintain stability in the earth's climate and temperature.

Moon is the Earth's climate regulator. Earth's gravity to keep the sun still revolves around the axis of rotation 23 degrees. If this style does not exist, the earth's temperature and climate will be a mess. Sahara Desert could be a sea of ice, while Antarctica into a desert sand, he said to the Science Channel.

Some studies say, the movement of the moon also affects the activity of living beings. Coral reefs, for example, used to breed, release spores, when the tide is caused by the full moon arrives.

Full moon is also believed to enhance human aggressive behavior. In Los Angeles, U.S., policing the local area will usually be more alert to the increase in criminal activity during the full moon.

Separation of the moon from the earth's geological experts also believed to affect the activity of the Earth's plates. Some experts have long been connected with the occurrence of earthquake activity of the month.

The same force that causes tides would trigger the lifting of the earth's crust, said Geoff Chester, an astronomer who worked at the U.S. Naval Observation Center, as quoted by National Geographic.

Several major earthquakes in the country has ever known also recorded related to the movement of the moon. Earthquake-Tsunami Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (2004), Nabire (2004), Simeuleu (2005), and Nias (2005) occurs when the full moon. Mentawai Earthquake (2005) and Yogyakarta (2005) occurred during the new moon and the position of the moon in the south.

Latest NASA Mission

Now, the moon as the earth's nearest neighbor back to the attention of the world's astronomical research. U.S. Aviation and Space Agency (NASA) on Friday (19 / 6) launch vehicle LCRoS (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite) in Cape Canaveral, U.S.. This vehicle is part of the mission's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), which is preparing a program to return astronauts to the moon in 2020 after the last done in 1969 to 1972 (Reuters, 18 / 6).

The main target LCRoS mission to ensure the existence of frozen water believed to be in the region shadowed craters near the poles of the moon. Aided by the LRO, which maps the surface of the moon in detail, the two new missions suggests big things: a new milestone stick about the possibility of establishing colonies outside of Earth!

However, with great humility, Craig Tooley, LRO Project Manager, said: Our knowledge about the moon as a whole is still minimal. We have better maps of Mars, but not for our own moon.


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