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The Book of Eli, the Mysterious Book Determinants of Human Fate

Posted by Mahendra blog Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Book of Eli, the Mysterious Book Determinants of Human Fate

After the great war that raged, the world hit by total destruction. Everywhere there is only rubble former buildings and people were forced to return to the beginning of civilization to rebuild the civilization which has destroyed their own this. One of the few people who survived the war is Eli (Denzel Washington).

Lost all he had, Eli later became wanderers from one place to another just to survive. One time, Eli was on his way to find that his iPod's battery runs out of power. Not far from where Eli, there is a city that was dominated by the Carnegie (Gary Oldman).

Eli was originally only meant to stop briefly in the city to recharge the iPod battery and continue his journey. Unfortunately, beyond the knowledge of Eli, there is something from him who wants owned by Carnegie that controls the city.

That said, Eli brings a book to be the key to restore civilization have been destroyed by war. Carnegie intends to get the book to its own interests and he was not among those who could accept the word 'no'.


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