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Nest Egg Spider Powerful Enough To Be Closing Wounds

Posted by Mahendra blog Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nest Egg Spider Powerful Enough To Be Closing Wounds

Wound plaster, bandages and medicines such as ointments are still not effective. The traditional way such as the use of the nest eggs of spiders proved to be more effective through research.

This was revealed in research Rezza Princess Mahartika, Fatma Fauzizah Ningrum and Erissa Hanifah, student-student MTs II Kediri in East Java, one of the finalists Scientific Writing Contest-42 Youth Into Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).

"It occurred to examine it (the nest eggs of spiders) as my grandmother often used it when I hurt when small," said Rezza previously used did not understand that his grandmother was the nest eggs of spiders.
He was formerly only describe as a white dirt like cotton. Through this research, he wanted to prove scientifically about the benefits of a nest egg that spider.

Rezza together with his friends started his research at the school by trying out the use of spider nest egg to cover the wounds in mice.

He made an incision in some mice with a razor blade to make cuts, then close it with a nest egg spider. He controls the wound every day to know whether the wound was dry and closed.

"From the result, the wound can dry up and close on day 5. While the use of ointments, plasters, wound is still wet on the fifth day," explained Rezza. Wounds that have been dried up and closed can be seen from the growth of tissue on the surface of the skin called the epidermis.
Intrigued by the results of the test, Rezza and his team then took samples of spider nest egg to LMU Research Center Knowledge and Technology (Puspiptek), Serpong, Tangerang.

He conducted an analysis of the characteristics of the spider nest egg so that it can know the characters making up the material that supports the process of wound closure.

"The results of polymer analysis showed that the crystalline polymer. While the type of polymer is a protein," said Rezza.
According to him, crystal-shaped polymers can interact with the blood that supports the process of freezing. Meanwhile, the protein material contained in a spider's web has a role to assist the process of blood pembenkuan.

Benefits of spider egg nests are also evident from the constituent fiber size. "Fiberglass spiders are 200 to 500 nanometers. If the fiber size of less than 500 nanometers, then the fiber is good for medical purposes," said Rezza.
Asked about possible spider nest egg into a commercial product, Rezza said, "There is still need further research." However, he explained that the spider's nest egg is very good to close the wound because it contains anti-microbial substances that can prevent infection.


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