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Know More Near Creature World's Largest Ocean Current

Posted by Mahendra blog Saturday, November 13, 2010

Know More Near Creature World's Largest Ocean Current

The inhabitants of the oceans is the largest blue whale. Types of whales, known as "blue whale" weigh more than 150,000 pounds and a length of more than 30 meters.

Actually, whales are not fish. Called the "fish" for its whale-like fish, such as starfish and sea horses are not the star not the kind of horse.

Pope including mammals possess mammary glands because, hot-blooded, give birth, and blood circulation is closed. In addition, the form of "fins" next pope has the bone structure such as mammals, not like fish.

To be able to better imagine the size of this whale, look at the five-story building, the blue whale length is equal to the height of the building. In the meantime, remember that weight is the same whale weighing 25 to 30 elephants.

Well, how did a giant whale can dive to a depth of 800-1000 meters and return to the surface with ease? For example, imagine a ship weighing 150 tons and 30 meters long.

If the ship sinks to the ocean floor as deep as 1000 meters, will require large-scale operation for years to lift it again.

But a whale to come to the surface within 15-20 seconds. Because the whale bones are made of oil-filled hollow, it can easily float on the water surface.

Pope is also very skilled dive. Her body is very resistant to high pressure at the depth of sea water. Oxygen in the blood flowing and the muscles mixed with chemicals to give force while in the water or while not breathing.

The Pope has a unique circulation system which can drain blood directly from the organ to the brain. Through this way, until when the pope appeared at the water surface to breathe, he was still able to send oxygen in the body directly to the brain, the organ most in need of oxygen.

Through this way the whales can stay underwater for approximately 15-20 minutes without breathing. Moreover, unlike humans, whales do not suffer "bend" (surprise) when emerge quickly to the surface water.

You might ask what is a "bend". Bend is a pain due to a decrease in pressure around us suddenly. When divers want to dive deep into the water, they paused at a certain depth and adjust his body with the surrounding pressure so as not to be affected by changes in water pressure.

This makes them able to dive very deep slowly. But remember they need to stop and rest at a certain distance during their return to the surface of the water. If not, the blood vessels of divers will be sick or rupture which can lead to death. While the pope did not have a problem.

Marine fish can live in the ocean as well as humans who can live on land. You probably know that whales spout water from a hole in his head. Did you know that the hole was indeed his nose?

Pope uses her nose just to breathe. Many people think that the pope only water spewing from the hole. The truth is, whales off the air from his lungs. Because air contains water vapor and temperature hotter than the air outside, it looks as water from a distance.

Agency whales usually shaped like a torpedo and is perfect for swimming in the water. In the meantime, if most of the fish tail perpendicular to the surface of the water, whale tail transverse and parallel to the surface of the water. With a tail like this, the pope able to push himself forward in the water.

Under the skin of the whale-thick layer of fat is about 50 centimeters. The function of this layer of fat to maintain body temperature in order to stay around 34-37 degrees Celsius.

In this section, may be useful to remind you of the following: Contrary to expectations most people, whales and other fish do not drink sea water because salt water dangerous for them. That's why they meet the water needs of the food swallowed.

Every year in December and January, gray whales migrate from the North Sea to the south coast of North America and arrived in California. Aim to have migrated to the warmer water is to have her baby.

What's interesting is that pregnant female whales do not eat anything during their trip, because she did not need it. During the long days of summer, he has a lot of food from the fertile sea in the North, so he had to save enough energy for a long journey.

After the female whales reach the Mexican coast in the west, he immediately gave birth to her baby. Baby whales suckle its mother and save them as fat as much as possible. This preparation makes them strong enough to move back, which began in March.

Like other mammals, whales are also breastfeeding her child. But a baby whale suckling its mother not because they are at risk of swallowing sea water. As previously mentioned, the sea water harmful to whales.

Interestingly, like the dolphin, there is a muscle that surrounds the mammary glands of female whales. When whales move these muscles, the pressure generated to make the parent is able to squirt milk directly into baby's mouth. Whale milk is different from what we usually know.

The shape is almost like a solid and very fatty. Because of its form like that, breast milk can not be mixed with sea water. Substances that drunk or rather eat baby whales will be dissolved in the stomach.

Foods that contain water soluble also needed by the baby whale. As we know, God has provided a baby whale with the most perfect food.

Oily layer, a transparent cover to protect the whale's eyes from different harmful effects of sea water. The Pope has the sense of touch and hearing are sharp.

He knows the direction in the water by following the sound echoes made. The way these senses work similar to radar. Indeed, this pope privilege to be the inspiration for the manufacture of radar.

Scientists believe that the sounds generated by the pope contains language that is very complicated. The language is very important in the relationship and communication between them.


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