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What is Deja Vu?

Posted by Mahendra blog Sunday, November 28, 2010

What is Deja Vu?
Almost everyone has experienced it, maybe you are one of them
What is Deja Vu?
Almost everyone has experienced it, maybe you are one of them

Deja vu, which he said was taken from the original French, is a feeling when a person experiences something that never happened before. A group of people associate it with disorders of the brain while the other connects Deja vu with other life in the past. A
t one time, some of us would ever experience this. Deja vu, what is this? Let us explore together.

Have you ever experienced a situation where you consciously know exactly the situation that you think you have been through before? Have you ever experienced a situation where you can guess what will happen next and then it really happen like that you feel you have been through before? If you have experienced these things, it was called a Deja vu. Is it Deja vu? Deja vu is an event in which a person feels confident have experienced a new situation previously. During experiencing a new situation, a person felt something in common with something that happened in the past. Someone feel have gone through the same thing just happened in the past or have seen it in his dreams. Deja vu The term was first introduced by Emile Boirac who is a researcher in the field of French psychology. Most of those who experience Deja vu sesatu claims to have seen in a dream or very confident they had seen it some time ago.

Some Types of Deja vu

Deja inches: This feeling refers to something "is already being felt." It is a psychological phenomenon and the authors believe that something that has been felt in the past was very similar to those felt at this time. The similarity in both the experience makes a person feel that he had felt the same way in the past.

Deja Vecu: a feeling that everything was going just was identical to what happened before as well as an unusual idea about what will happen next,
which is called as Deja vecu. Someone who experience feelings of Deja vecu claims to have a little longer knowing what will happen and sometimes felt he had to remember it.

Deja visit,: Shape Deja vu is a feeling never visit a place that is really new. Someone who experience this form of Deja vu claim to have knowledge about a place that has not been visited. Someone claims to know the geography of a place, when he has not been there in reality. Deja visite is distinguished by an unusual knowledge about a place you've never visited.

Researchers have long been looking for various reasons behind Deja vu. They associate diseases such as schizophrenia, anxiety or other neurological disorders. The researchers have not achieved success in building the relationship between these diseases with Deja vu.

However, researchers have found that Deja vu may be a result of the failure of the electrical system of the brain. Deja vu is believed to be a sensation that one in memory or memory. Some drugs are also believed as one of the factors that trigger Deja vu. Drugs such as amantadine and phenylpropanolamine have been studied as a cause feelings of Deja vu. Some medications can cause hyperdopaminergic action in the mesial temporal area of the brain that causes Deja vu.

The human brain is an organ of complex and very interesting. It is the tendency of the brain to draw conclusions from a variety of different situations. The brain is often trying to experiment to reproduce a situation that has never faced before. Therefore anticipate some instances by a person can make a person think that he has experienced a similar incident in the past.

What is interesting here, it could happen that one of our eyes see something before the other eye. One eye to record the previous incident. The other eye, which record the same event a few milliseconds later, makes the brain feel the memories. One of the eye and brain interpret feel something. Other eye was left a few milliseconds feel the same way and sending the images to the brain. Once the brain to feel the same a few milliseconds later, the person feels that he has seen it before. This idea is not to be a good reason to be Deja vu for those who only have one eye also experiencing Deja vu.

Not everyone believes that everything can be explained by science. Several theories related to Deja vu at certain physical capabilities of human beings, on the other hand, others say that the feeling of Deja vu is the result of other life in the past. It is true, Deja vu has mysterious properties.


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