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Posted by Mahendra blog Monday, May 9, 2011


Meaning: water outflow Symbol: Two wave line Period: January 20-February 18

NATURE Dominant

High-minded, willing to sacrifice and have a smooth feeling. Aquarius is also an easy to forgive and unsparing in giving aid. Polite and very careful in speaking not to offend other people. And do not hesitate to apologize when he made ​​a mistake. Peace love and happy friendly people.


Cold and cool impressed. Her feelings are sensitive and easily offended, just because one little speech, can make changing lover.

A suitable mate for the Aquarius: Gemini and Libra.

Mate that is not suitable for Aquarius: Scorpio and Taurus.


Aquarius Most people do not like the job. Routine work to make it tired, so he is more suited to the job challenging. He is also a meticulous and tenacious, so the job is considered difficult by others will be easily done by him. And when it is doing something he likes, he will be a super busy.

Suitable job for Aquarius:

Author, Entrepreneur travel agencies, technical experts, Pilot.

Even when going out he liked playing for time to get married, but when already married, he will become a faithful partner and puts divorce away from marriage.


Generally, people are generally very nice Aquarius. Goodness who always wanted to help others make it unforgettable, so many people want reply to their services, so that good fortune continues to flow smoothly, come inexhaustible.


Do not like to impose the will, understanding and responsible, a husband that's the nature of Aquarius. Although he spent much of his time outside the home, she did not abandon his wife and children. Should have done something wrong, he would not hesitate to apologize. And he also is a fair and not favoritism.

Easy to adjust, cunning and clever housekeeping. Including the wives are loyal and do not hesitate to use the intelligence in the name of the husband.

Her passion and warmth passionate matchless

. He was able to make their partner happy in bed.


Patience, fairness, self-sacrificing, forgiving, helpful, responsible, honest and not greedy.

Wasteful, arrogant, irritable, and do not like being criticized.


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