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Sources of Greek Mythology Ancient Fossils

Posted by Mahendra blog Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sources of Greek Mythology Ancient Fossils

The Greeks have long been studying the fossils of ancient and is expected to make it as a source of inspiration of their myths. A piece of thigh bone ancient creatures thought to have become a source of inspiration in the creation myths of ancient Greeks.

Pieces of bone called bone Nichoria was part of a body of ancient giant mammals that lived in southern Greece about one million years ago.

After the ancient Greeks found it, came the wild creatures in classical Greek mythology that his inspiration comes from the bone.

According to Adrienne Mayor, a researcher Classics and History of Science at Stanford University, the fossils of ancient species of giant, like bone Nichoria, most likely a source of inspiration for the creation of the legendary wild creatures from classical mythology.

Furthermore, Major roots dig some classical Greek myths and found evidence indicating prehistoric fossils found in the same place the development of the myth of the giant creature emerged.

Major estimated that the ancient Greeks discovered the fossil bones in young coal basin in the study of prehistoric megalopolis that is known as the Battle of the Giants Field.

"The number of giant fossil bones at the site led to the myth of killing the entire army of giant neighbor by Zeus lightning blow," added Major.

Nichoria own bones found in an ancient Acropolis in Nichoria between 1969 and 1975 by archaeologists Minnesota Messenia Expedition team members.

The fact that the bones were kept in the Acropolis is located 35 miles from lignite where bones found indicate that the ancient Greeks have enormous interest in fossils.


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