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Found, Graveyard 'Gods Jester' of the Maya

Posted by Mahendra blog Sunday, May 29, 2011

Found, Graveyard 'Gods Jester' of the Maya

Archaeologists found the oldest tomb of an ancient Mayan ruler bearing the 'Gods Jester' from the year 350 BC. Based on a unique symbol, this is the evidence framework of the world's oldest royal party.

Found in a tomb under the house ruler in the region Holmul, northeast Guatelmala, the skeleton is estimated to belong to a man in his fifties years with good health condition before his death.

In addition to the god symbol Jester, at the tomb also shows seven tiles, jars, dishes and incense burners.
"We've found the tomb of the Maya who are older, but never found the royal tombs that include symbols like this," said John Tomasic from the University of Kansas, USA.

Under the site's archaeologists, experts also found the tunnel with a width of about 16 inches, wide enough to enter the human body. The place was estimated as the hall to the place of burial.

The results of this study revealed at a meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in Sacramento, California, United States. Previously, cemetery Mayan ruler of the year 100 BC was found at San Bartolo in 2005.


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