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Scientists Reveal Secrets of Successful Earth Magnets

Posted by Mahendra blog Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scientists Reveal Secrets of Successful Earth Magnets

Earth's core is gradually melting and freezing due to heat circulation of mantle rock. These findings help understand the formation of the Earth's core.

In addition to understanding the Earth's core formation, these findings can also be used to determine how the outer core acts like a magnetic field generating geodynamo.

"The origin of magnetic fields up to now remained a mystery to scientists," said researcher Jon Mound of Leeds.

"We can not get a core sample of the Earth, so we just rely on surface measurements and computer models to determine which occurred in the Earth's core," he continued.

The interior of the Earth's core of solid iron about the size of the Moon is surrounded by dynamic fluid outer core of iron-nickel-iron core that caused many freezes and melts.

Disappeared when the cold heat flow from the core into the mantle passed to the Earth's crust through a process of convection. Convection currents move warm coat to the surface and send back to the core mantle cold.

"Movement is what gives power 'geodynamo' to generate a magnetic field. Our new model provides a simple explanation of some confusing measurements of scientists for many years,"he concluded.


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