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Successfully Archaeologists Find Dinosaur "Devil" Triassic Period

Posted by Mahendra blog Sunday, May 29, 2011

Successfully Archaeologists Find Dinosaur "Devil" Triassic Period

New dinosaur named "Evil Spirit Buck-Toothed Reptile" aka bad-toothed reptile spirits or demons in the scientific name Daemonosaurus chauliodus found in New Mexico. The devil is the oldest dinosaur link between dinosaurs and Jurassic species of theropod dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs that lived 205 million years ago was as high as a large dog with an unusual bone. So obviously Hans-Dieter Sues, vertebrate ancient experts at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. "short snout and large front teeth," he said. He also added, "This type of bone structure is not thought at that time for the predatory dinosaurs."

The oldest known dinosaurs lived 230 million years ago, in the Triassic Period. After that, there is a big gap from fossil findings. Many experts estimate that early dinosaurs became extinct. "After that predators are more complicated to take over then the diversification at the turn of the Triassic to the Jurassic period," said Sues.

Daemonosaurus c is a bridgethat connects two groups of dinosaurs . Of the fossils were found, these dinosaurs had some evolutionary trait that links gap between the early dinosaur into a more modern dinosaurs. Based on the analysis of fossil finds, dinosaurs Triassic is characterized by several features of the Jurassic.

Triassic characteristics it has, for example, a small gap between the nostril and eye socket. Bone associated with air bag systems such as the lungs of birds are also still have primitive traits. Characteristic of more modern dinosaurs possessed Daemonosaurus c exist in the tooth.

"This is proof that dinosaurs had a wider distribution,"explained Sue.


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