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Thanks to satellite 17 New Pyramid Discovered

Posted by Mahendra blog Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thanks to satellite 17 New Pyramid Discovered

Archaeologists from the University of Albaman, in Birmingham, Dr Sarah Parack and his team managed to analyze images taken from satellites orbiting 700 km above the earth, identified using infrared imaging to highlight the different materials under the surface, which allegedly is 17 pyramid is missing.

Not only that satellite that scans the 1000 tomb and more than 3,000 ancient settlements, which previously had been done before beginning excavation.

Launched by the BBC, satellite with infrared imaging is able to distinguish between ancient Egyptian mud bricks used to build structures and soil and earth. Mud bricks are more dense than the surrounding soil.

Sensing satellites to track the historical objects can be done because the citizens of the ancient Egyptians build houses made ​​of mud brick. Building structure was so dense pyramidal form of tapering similar homes easily detected.

"This is a site close to the surface. There are thousands more are covered by the silt of the Nile," said Sarah.


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