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Present Possible White Hole in the Universe

Posted by Mahendra blog Sunday, May 29, 2011

Present Possible White Hole in the Universe

You ever heard of black holes?
He is a dark gap in space which suck all the things around him and threw him to the nothingness of space. Now some scientists say that once there is evidence of the opposite of black holes.

The opposite of black holes, white holes or white holes do not suck things around but spewing out material coming from the middle of nowhere into our universe.

Our own universe is a strange place, and the black hole is one of the most bizarre thing that is present in it. But mathematically, a black hole should be reversed, that is, there is something that spew material, do not suck.

Quoted from Dvice, white holes operate with a different mode with a black hole. They suddenly appear for a short period of time. They then threw a number of materials into their own universe and then collapse, forming black hole and then never looked back.

Behavior white hole like this is very difficult to observe. But researchers believe they have found one of them.

In 2005, a shot of gamma rays had recorded but did not come together with the presence of a supernova that is generally triggered the burst of gamma rays. There is a possibility, he was present due to the collapse of a white hole.

What is interesting about the white hole is the formation of their material similar to the so-called Big Bang, or so-called phenomenon of the formation of an entire universe. This makes the white hole also called 'Small Bangs'.

White holes do not have spatial coordinates and exact time and could not be detected at all. They can suddenly appear at any time, anywhere and carry on their work before returning to disappear.

So far, the existence of white holes is still a conjecture. However, the black hole also is alleged to exist only really known in recent decades. And as was said by the physicist Murray Gell-Mann, whatever is not forbidden is compulsory.

That is, at least from a quantum mechanical point of view, there must be a white hole in one corner of the universe.


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