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Archaeological complex of giant pre Stonehenge found in England

Posted by Mahendra blog Monday, September 20, 2010

Thursday, June 18, 2009
Archaeological complex of giant pre Stonehenge found in England

June 15, 2009, unexpectedly, the archaeologists found a huge complex in the pre-Damerham Stonehenge, southern England. From the air, the complex looks like a crop circle formation. This complex is believed to 1000 years older than the famous Stonehenge was.

This site consists of the remnants of a wooden temple shrine and two giant tombs 6000 years old. According to archaeologist Helen Wickstead, from Kingston University and also director of Damerham Archeology Project, the ruins are believed to be "the early English architecture." "This discovery really out to remember this extraordinary architecture has never been found, and he lay there in the open space." Said Helen.

Another archaeologist named Joshua Pollard who was not involved in the discovery that agree with Helen. This remarkable discovery, given previously only drawn the attention of archaeologists at Stonehenge.

The site area of 200 hectares, it is only 24 miles from Stonehenge and is found when the Agency for the maintenance of historical objects England (Home Heritage) conduct regular surveys of rural areas in England. Photo above shows like crop circle formations caused by the archaeological building structures that are bertindihan with plants growing.

The main building is in ruins two graves, an estimated 6,000 years old and one of them has a length of 70 feet. These age estimates taken from other cemetery sites are similar in other parts of England.

According to archaeologists, during the period 6000 years ago, residents in the area believed to put the corpse in an open area so that his body was eaten by birds and other animal. Then the rest of the body such as the skull and skeleton placed in the cemetery. Technically, the region is home to human skeleton. In addition to the archaeologists also found a place that is trusted as a means of ritual and worship. Evidence gathered indicates that the area was last tilled in the time of the Romans invaded England who is also believed to be the end of prehistoric times.

Administrative oversight is believed to be the hidden cause of that site. When British prehistoric sites mapped on 1890s, changes in the border region makes entry into the territory Damerham Hampshire, instead of Wiltshire, where Stonehenge is. "Maybe people in Hampshire think the monument is the business of others" said Helen.

Stonehenge itself is mystery unsolved until now. but with the existence of these monuments, the archaeologists, the focus will shift to this site to seek to do with Stonehenge.


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