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Three Earth-like Planet Discovered

Posted by Mahendra blog Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Three Earth-like Planet Discovered
Washington - Three planets like Earth but with larger masses have been found, all three orbits the nearby star. besides the research team also found two states of other solar system.

European team, said the findings suggest that Earth-like planets may be very much in this universe. "Would that mean that every star must have surrounded the planets?" We can not answer that question now clear Michel Mayor from Geneva Observatory in Switzerland.

This third Earth-like planets orbiting in a star slightly smaller than the sun. the star lies about 42 light-years away in the constellation of the southern Doradus and Pictor. One light year alone approximately 9,460,800,000,000 kilometers need to be super-fast vehicle to get until there.

The planets are bigger than the earth, the first planet 4.2 times the size of the earth, the latter 6.7 times the earth and the third of the earth 9.4 times. extraordinary speed of their orbits. The most rapidly orbiting within four days, the second within 10 days and the slowest is 20 days. compare with the earth orbiting the sun in 365 days.


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