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Earth is believed will be devoured Star cannibal

VIVAnews - Chandra X-ray Observatory of the United States Space Agency (NASA) found the star of 'cannibal' who ate the neighbor's hooked. Red giant stars billions of years old is named Piscium BP (BP Psc). He is expected to swallow a younger star, which still can be seen from the rest.

BP Piscium is evolutive version of the Sun, located about 1,000 light years from Earth. Star is located in the constellation Pisces. The scientists began to study the BP Piscium 15 years ago and is perplexed by an unusual appearance.

This star orbits a disc or a dusty disk of material that usually become evident from the start the formation of planets around new stars.

While young stars are usually born in star clusters, BP Piscium isolated position. This makes the astronomers believe, the red giant stars that are in the final stages of evolution. The scientists concluded, that the dust disk of material formed from the remains of a young star who had just devoured and
digest it.

Professor Joel Kastner of the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, said the researchers had found a case of 'cannibalism stars' are rare. Scientists believe, BP Piscium prey on their neighbors just after developed into a 'red giant' - the final phase of the evolution of a star.

"Our work full of speculation, watching the stars, right at the point where he had swallowed another star, and hence it forms a disk or a disk of dust," said Kastner as published by the Telegraph, Thursday, September 16, 2010. "Some of the material the star of 'victim' sliding into the BP Piscium. The others, thrown out at high speed. That's what we've seen."

The scientists even believe the Earth could someday meet the fate of poor stars who devoured BP Piscium. Why?

Remember, the Earth was in one solar system, where the Sun into the center. "BP Piscium shows us that a star like the Sun can live quietly for billions of years. However, when it evolved into the final stage, the Sun can only swallow one or two stars or planets around it," said David Rodriguez of the University of California, Los Angeles . (NASA)


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