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Black Hole

Posted by Mahendra blog Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Black Hole
Black hole is a concentration of mass great enough to produce a very large gravitational force. A very large gravitational force is preventing any escape from it except through quantum tunneling behavior. Gravitational field so strong that nearby 8kecepatan off near the speed of light. There was nothing, including electromagnetic radiation can escape from gravity, even light can only enter but can not get out or pass, from here obtained the word "black". The term "black hole" has been widespread, although he was not pointing to a hole in the ordinary sense, but it is a region in space where all can not be returned. Theoretically, black holes can have any size, from microscopic to the size of the observable universe.
[Edit] Basis Theory

The theory of the existence of black holes was first proposed in the 18th century John Michell and Pierre-Simon Laplace, further developed by the German astronomer named Karl Schwarzschild, in the year 1916, based on general relativity theory of Albert Einstein, and increasingly popularized by Stephen William Hawking. At this time many astronomers who believe that almost all galaxies in the nature of this universe surrounds the black hole at the galactic center.

John Archibald Wheeler in 1967 who gave the name "Black Hole" that became popular in the world and even became a favorite topic of science fiction writers. We can not see black holes but we can detect the material that interested / sucked at him. In this way, astronomers studying and identifying the many black holes in space through the observation that very carefully so that expected in space decorated by millions of black holes.

* Origin of Black Holes

Black holes are created when an object is not able to withstand the pressure force of gravity itself. Lots objects (including the sun and earth) will never become a black hole. The pressure of gravity on the sun and the earth is not sufficient to exceed the atomic and nuclear power in him that nature against the pressure of gravity. But contrary to the object that is very large mass, gravitational pressure was the one who wins.

* Growth

The mass of the black hole continues to grow in a way to catch all the material nearby. All material can not escape the trap of the black hole if passed too close. So the object that can not keep a safe distance from the black hole will be exploited. Unlike the current reputation it bears stating that black holes can suck everything around it, a black hole can not suck the material very far away from him. he could only draw materials through very close. Example: imagine that our Sun become a black hole with the same mass. The darkness would blanket the earth because there is no light emission from the black hole, but the earth will remain around the black hole with the same distance and speed with current and exploited not enter. Dangers threatening our planet only if it is 10 miles from the black hole, where this is still far from reality that the earth is 93 million miles from the sun. Black holes can also increase its mass in a way collided with another black hole to become a bigger black hole.


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