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Unidentified Flying Object UFO abbreviated) or often referred to as unidentified flying objects is a term used for the entire phenomenon of the appearance of flying objects that can not be identifiable by the observer and remain unidentified although it has been investigated. BETA The term was introduced by the Chairman of Institute of Aviation and Space Agency 1960s-era RJ Salatun for this phenomenon [1]. Another term used is "flying saucer" (English: Flying Saucer) and first used journalists to describe the mysterious flying object seen by Kenneth Arnold, the nine strange objects flying in a formation at Mount Rainier, the Cascade mountains, Washington. [2] The incident occurred on June 24, 1947. Since then, the term "Flying Saucer" affect the imagination of many people. [3]

Another term that is also briefly introduced BETEBEDI (Not Known Flying Objects) that put forward by a public accountant from Bandung by the name of CM Tanadi that the 80-year published many translations of books and magazines about this phenomenon called

The term UFO Popular

Use of the term "UFO" as sightings of mysterious phenomenon was first suggested in 1952 by Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, the first leader of Project Blue Book. Use of the term "Flying Saucer" does not reflect the different appearance. Ruppelt said that the term "UFO" should be pronounced like the word "you-foe" (you're the enemy). However, the term is usually pronounced by saying the letters one by one: "UFO". Foreign terms is rapidly adapted by the Air Force, which also directly use the term "UFOB" around the year 1954. Ruppelt described his experiences with Project Blue Book in his notes, "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects" (reports of unidentified flying objects) (1956), is also the first book to use the term UFO. [4]
[Edit] Some notes from ancient times
Wood engraving in 1566 by Hans Gleser, which depicts events in Nuremberg in 1561.

* Ancient Hindu scripture, Ramayana, describes the use of complex flying machine, which then becomes the object of speculation about the BETA.

* The Roman writer, Iulius Obsequens, wrote that in 99 BC, "in Tarquinia towards sunset, a round object, like a globe, round or round shield, flying in the sky from west to east".

* At the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, Usayd bin Hudhayr see cloud like an umbrella an amazing, and have never seen him before. Clouds can be seen very beautifully decorated with flickering objects such as hanging lamps, hanging like lamps meet the horizon with high brightness. Eventually the cloud fly higher then disappear [5] The next day Usaid also meet Muhammad and told him what he had seen overnight, then Muhammad also said that, it was the angel who wants to listen Usayd read the Quran. [6]

BETA crescent-shaped as illustrated by Kenneth Arnold.

* On September 24, year 1235, General Yoritsune and his troops observed a strange luminous balls that fly with irregular pattern in the night sky near Kyoto, Japan. Councilor generals told him not to worry - it's just the wind that causes the stars seem to rock. [7] [8]

* On 14 April 1561, the skies over Nuremberg, Germany, reported that filled by the many objects that apparently are doing battle in the air. According to the story, small balls and the discs come from a large tube. [9] [10]

These appearances were usually attributed as a symptom of the supernatural, angels, and other religious symbols. Some investigators believe that as an apparition sighting strange objects in ancient times related to flying saucer reports in modern times.
[Edit] Appearance in modern times

Before the term "Flying Saucer" and "BETA" is selected, there are many reports of sightings strange phenomena in the air. The reports below occurred in the mid-nineteenth century until the early twentieth century.

* In July 1868, investigators BETA documented sightings flying saucer that is happening in the city of Copiapo, Chile. [11]

* On January 25, 1878, Denison Daily News wrote that local farmer named John Martin reported sighting large flying objects, dark, and round like a balloon flying "with stunning speed." He compared the size of the object while flying above his head as "big dish". [12]

* The incidence of Fatima or the "Miracle of the Sun", was witnessed by dozens of people among the thousands of people in Fatima, Portugal on October 13, 1917, is believed by some researchers that this was really a flying saucer sighting event.

* In the European nor the Japanese during World War II, the appearance of "enemy fighters" (balls glow and there are other shapes that followed aircraft) were reported by both parties and pilot a hostile country. [13]

* On date February 25, 1942, U.S. troops detect unidentified aircraft was observed through the eye and on radar over the Los Angeles, California area. The origins of the aircraft was never known. The incident became known as the "Battle of Los Angeles", or "air Attack on the west coast." [14]

A BETA over New Hampsire in 1870, known as a mysterious flying ship.
[Edit] Testimony of Kenneth Arnold

At the end of World War II, fame BETA begins with UFO sightings reported by an American businessman, Kenneth Arnold, on June 24, 1947 while driving his private plane near Mount Rainier, Washington. He reported sighting nine shining flying object crossing of Mount Rainier to Mount Adams with "incredible speed". He told a newspaper reporter that the object was moving at a speed 1600km/jam. [3] Arnold later says that they "flew like a dish if it was thrown across the water" and he also said that they were "flat like a pie", "shaped like plate ", and" shaped like a crescent, oval in front and convex behind, ... they seem like a big flat disc "(but then described his appearance is shaped like a sickle). Arnold's report was made public and mass media terarik so munculah term "Flying Saucer" and "Flying Disc". After Arnold's report became known, a few weeks later hundreds of different sighting reports emerging, many of which came from the United States, but from other countries are also quite a lot. Perhaps the most famous of the report is a report from the crew of United Airlines, which saw the appearance of nine objects such as discs over Idaho on the evening of July 4th. At that time, sightings are more discussed than Arnold's report and make as if to believe what has been reported by Arnold. A few days later, many newspapers in America are filled with the latest news about "flying saucers" or "flying discs" on the front page.
[Edit] Incident at Roswell

On July 4, 1947, the phenomenon of flying saucers are a leading place in the city of Roswell, New Mexico, and known as the "Roswell Incident". A flake is considered a flake space ship was found in a farm area after the hurricane hit. Fragments were collected by the United States Air Force without leaving a trace. Grady Barnett and archaeological team found the BETA-shaped disc that fell along with four big-headed aliens in the form of human and gray. The commander at Roswell Air Force base told reporters that there is flying discs found in the place. The two held a press conference on July 8, and stated that the debris was the cause of the problem is not from the BETA, but from a weather balloon. But according to the Roswell Daily Record, Roswell debris in the fall comes from the BETA, the origin of the four aliens who were captured. [3] From this incident is used the term "UFO" the first time to replace the use of the term "Flying Saucer" in 1952 by Captain Edward J. Ruppelt. Ruppelt described his experiences with Project Blue Book in his notes, "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects" (reports of unidentified flying objects) (1956), is also the first book to use the term UFO. [15]
[Edit] Appearances in popular culture

BETA and accompanying living beings, the so-called alien ("aliens"), or creatures of another planet ("Extra Terrestrial" or ET), many adapted into a movie or television screen. E.T. stands for "Extra Terrestrial", which means originating from outside the earth. Because there is a theory which says that the creature could have come with the BETA comes from the earth (from the earth or the sea), then the use of the term strange beings (aliens) are more frequently used than the alien (ET).

Occurrences in popular culture


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