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Bermuda Triangle

Posted by Mahendra blog Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bermuda Triangle
For those of you who like mystery stories, surely recognize the Bermuda Triangle. Marine area in the southern United States with a point angle of Miami (Florida), Puerto Rico (Jamaica), and Bermuda, has for centuries save the story unresolved. Mystery after mystery even been recorded by the rover of the ocean sort of Christopher Columbus.

More than that, not far from the ship, one night all of a sudden the crew were surprised by the appearance of fire balls just plunge into the sea. They also saw streaks of light from the horizon and then just disappeared.

That's the Bermuda Triangle. In this region, such as the six senses are haunted by the
'atmosphere' that is not usual. But once Columbus entourage is relatively lucky, because only treated to 'show'. Another passer-by passer another.

In another story, the Bermuda Triangle also has silenced dozens of planes that pass through it. The biggest event around 1990 and then later revealed disappearance convoy was five Grumman TBF Avenger U.S. Navy who were on patrol across this sea area during the day December 5, 1945. After about two hours flight flight commander reported that he and his men as disoriented. A few minutes later it was the fifth TBF Avenger had vanished without a SOS signal.

Loss of C-119

Another wonderful story is the loss of C-119 transport aircraft Flying Boxcar on June 7, 1965. Double engine plane owned heifers U.S. Air Force cargo is loaded, that day at 7:47 took off from Homestead air base. The plane with 10 crew was flying toward Airport Grand Turk, Bahamas, and is expected to land at 11:23.

The plane is actually almost finished its journey. It is known from radio contacts are still audible until around 11. Indeed there was nothing suspicious. Technical malfunction also never reported. But Boxcar never reached destinat

"In the last radio contact there was no indication of anything that the plane was having problems. But after that we lost trace of him, "so said a spokesman for the Rescue of Miami Beach. "It is probable that the aircraft suffered control problems direction (steering trouble) to stray into the other direction," he added.

"It's really weird. A plane flying to the south Bahamas and just disappear without a trace, "commented a veteran pilot of World War II.

Many theories then linked with all the events there. There is mention of time bending theory, the gravitational field upside down, abrasion atmosphere, and there is also the theory of magnetic-gravity anoma
ly. There was also an associate with the phenomenon gampa sea, tidal wave attack, until the black hole (black-hole), which only occurs in outer space there. Analysis of strange indeed, but still none could explain it.

Up until now, has many responses or theories about events peristiwan strange and supernatural-that occurred in the area they will be, among others:

* An argument from a Marine Insurance Company

Marine insurance company Lloyd's of London claimed that the Bermuda triangle is not a dangerous seas and oceans the same as usual throughout the world, provided it does not carry freight beyond the provision when through the region. The Coast Guard confirmed the decision. The explanation is considered reasonable, plus the number of observation and investigation of cases.

* Theory Lorong Left

According to some researchers, perhaps this region there is an atmospheric disturbance in the air in the form of a hole in that hole langit.Ke aircraft entered without able to get out again. From the mystery of "Hole in the Sky" is forming a theory about the existence of such a nexus between the world with another dimension. hole in the sky was considered a kind of means of transportation, as seen in Star Trek. Or a hole in the sky was the UFO? People often link the loss of our aircraft with the appearance of UFOs.

* Blue Hole

It is said that on the sea floor there is a kind of Bermuda triangle hole / cave bottom of the sea, this cave was indeed really there, but setelahjaman ice passes, inside this cave tertutup.Arus very strong and often create a powerful vortex suction. many small ships or man is sucked into the blue hole was without power, and surprisingly small ships that exploited it will come back to sea after a long time.
But that begs the question is: Could the Blue Hole is able to swallow
giant ship into the ocean floor?

* Methane Gas

Another explanation of the disappearance of several events of aircraft and ships under mysterious is the presence of methane gas in the waters. This theory was first published for 1981 by the United States Geological Investigation Agency. This theory was successfully tested in the laboratory and the results satisfy some people on a reasonable explanation about the mysterious disappearance of planes and ships that pass in the area.

* Tongue Ocean Mysteries

Bermuda Triangle area is often also referred to as the Tongue of the Ocean or Sea Aloe Lautan.Lidah have underwater abyss (canyon). There were several accidents there. Not much is yet known about the Bermuda Triangle, so people connecte
d with the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is another mystery. For example, the mystery of the Sea Dragon has ever appeared in the Cape Ann, Massachusetts USA, in August 1917.

* Mystery Creature Sargasso

Another mystery that still has not been revealed is the mystery of the Sargasso Sea Creatures, which are not purely imaginary. In the Sargasso Sea, many ships that never gets to its destination and buried in the seabed. There gathered ships from various ages, treasure trove, the bodies of human bones. Wide Sargasso Sea of Mystery is 3650 km to 1825 km long and wide, and the strong currents flowing around it once, thus forming a vast vortex that rotates slowly clockwise.

* Tornado

Perhaps in this area often occur sea storms that might form a swirling wind which can lead to the destruction of an aircraft because terhempaskan.

* Some Other Explanation

Some say the Bermuda Triangle because it is a base where UFO group of outer space creatures / aliens who do not want disturbed by humans, so that any vehicle passing through the territory would be exploited and abducted. Others say that the cause is because of the source of the biggest magnets are embedded in the earth beneath the Bermuda Triangle, so that the metal tons and tonpun may be attracted to the inside. And some say even the Bermuda Triangle is the central meeting point between the flow of cold water with hot water flow, which will result in a large whirlpool / terrible.

These are miraculous events that occurred in the Bermuda Triangle:

* 1840: HMS Rosalie
* 1872: The Mary Celeste, one of the greatest mystery of the disappearance of several ships in the Bermuda triangle
* 1909: The Spray
* 1917: SS Timandra
* 1918: USS Cyclops (AC-4) disappeared in the stormy sea, but before leaving the control tower to say that the sea was calm, not possible storm, very good for shipping
* 1926: SS Suduffco missing in bad weather
* 1938: HMS Anglo Australian disappear. Though the report said the weather was very calm day
* 1945: Flight 19 disappeared
* 1952: British York transport plane lost with 33 passengers
* 1962: U.S. Air Force KB-50, a tanker, disappeared
* 1970: French ship goods, Milton Latrides disappeared; sailed from New Orleans to Cape Town.
* 1972: German Ship, Anita (20,000 tons), disappeared with 32 crew
* 1976: SS Sylvia L. Ossa disappeared in the sea 140 miles west of Bermuda.
* 1978: Douglas DC-3 Argosy Airlines Flight 902, disappeared after takeoff and lost radio contact
* 1980: SS Poet; sailed to Egypt, disappeared in the storm
* 1995: Ship Jamanic K (made in 1943) were reported missing after going through Cap Haitien
* 1997: The mariner disappear from German yacht
* 1999: Freighter Genesis disappeared after sailing from Port of Spain to St Vincent.


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