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12 Deities in Ancient Greek Mythology

Posted by Mahendra blog Friday, September 24, 2010

12 Deities in Ancient Greek Mythology

God Ares:

Ares is the god of war in Greek mythology. In Roman mythology he is known by the name of the god Mars. He has 2 bodyguards that Phobos and Deimos. Name one of the planet Mars become a near earth and has 2 months, which is named after the name of the bodyguard: Phobos and Deimos. The name March is devoted to him.

for 2. God Hephaestus:

known as the Vulcan in Roman mythology. He was the first son of the god Zeus with the goddess Hera. He is the god of fire, the carpenters, iron smith and craftsman of weapons. Hephaestus is worshiped in all industrial and manufacturing centers in Greece, especially in the city of Athens. Although his shop is located on the island of Lemnos, Hephaestus was associated with Mount Etna by a Sicilian.

Spoiler for
3. God Dionysus:

the only god who has human parents is Dionysus. Boon magic, distilled w
ater is the bearer of joy grapes and cause insanity. Creations that intoxicating it can make a scene drink and also sparked chaos due to intoxication.
In ancient times, devotees gathered in the woods and dance in his honor and drink to get drunk. Trojan warrior want to be free from anxiety with herbs efficacious. Really, that's the truth throughout the ages until today.

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Goddess Demeter:

Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility is considered the first to teach men work the land and harvesting. Blessed with the power to bring prosperity and hunger for humans. Narrated season he has the ability to control and alter the natural surface. Today, the thriving agricultural land on the ground where it is believed the Trojan war occurred. Perhaps the proof of the power to give birth to new life Demeter former even the legendary war zones where the occurrence battle brave.

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God Poseidon:

known as the god of the sea lord. Poseidon has a triden weapon that can cause floods and earthquakes. Poseidon also has a vehicle being towed by Hippopocamus (half horse half fish creature.) Poseidon married Amphitrite and has a son named Triton. Poseidon also is the god who created the horse in his attempts to woo Demeter.

Spoiler for 6.

In mythology, Zeus was the god that reigns in Olympus Leader. He is married to his sister, who became goddess Hera marriage. Zeus divided the world into three and divides these worlds with his two brothers, who became the god Poseidon Lord of the Sea, and Hades the god of Natural Ruler of Death.

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Goddess Hera:

known as the wife and sister of Zeus. Hera was the goddess of marriage. He is described as the goddess of the full majesty and full of wisdom. Often enthroned and crowned with a plain (high cylindrical crown), which is only worn by some major goddesses.

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God Hermes:

one of the gods in Greek mythology, regarded as the god of luck, for the patron god of merchants, and also the god of sending news. In Roman mythology, he also called Mercurius. Hermes is the son of Zeus and Maia.

Physical characteristic is a petite body that is always wearing a winged cap and winged sandals. He is very fast in a word and also ran. He
rmes was the messenger of Zeus and guides for the spirits to hell. Hermes has a rod called Caduceus.

He is a god helper for Odysseus when trapped on an island. From the relationship with Aphrodite, Hermes has a son named hermaphrodite.

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Goddess Athena:

Athena, goddess of handicrafts, household skil
ls and the war. As a goddess of war he boasts versatility and goddees spirit extraordinary. According to legend, she appeared in a state of complete adult with armor, as the son of Zeus. Of all his children, Zeus chose Athens as the bearer of a shield and thunderbolt. Formidable enemy to Troy, he fought on the side of Greek soldiers and told he mourns the death of Achilles. But when Troy fell and contaminate Greek temple, he had his revenge. He asked Poseidon reduce storm that disrupt the return of Greek ships.
Full of courage on the battlefield, he also understands the core values of peace and is known as the protector and skills in the household. Unl
ike others who prefer to refer to nature as his house, very like the city of Athens. Her favorite city is Athens, as the name, and where the temple, the Parthenon, still stands as one of the wonders of the world.

Spoiler for 10. Goddess Artemis:

Artemis, goddess of hunting. Same wild by nature itself. It is sacred to the goddess and protector of the young hunter who calmly set places the wild earth. Apollo's twin sister was skilled in archery than all the gods on Mount Olympia. He always carried a silver bow and arrow
s. He sided with Troy during the war lasts. He sent down the mighty north wind that prevents them to sail to Troy. Only after the Greek sacrifice Agamemnon's eldest daughter to Artemis the wind subsided.
Now the legacy of Artemis seen in women who opposed the traditions and live a more individual and free. Described
vaguely, that he still dwells in the forest.

Spoiler for 11.
God Apollo:

is the god of light, music, archer, medication, sun and poet in Greek mythology and Roman mythology. He is the son of Zeus and Leto and twin brother of Artemis. His Oracle in Delphi is very famous. Many people from all over Greece who visited his Oracle to find out about their future. He has a bow made of gold. Laurel trees, crows and dolphins animal sacred to him

Spoiler for 12.
Goddess Aphrodite:

Goddess of Love and Beauty in Greek mythology. In Roman legend known as Venus. There are two different legends about the birth of Aphrodite. Legend first mention of Aphrodite is the daughter of Zeus and Dione. But this legend is less popular. The second legend says that Aphrodite was born of Uranus's genitals by the Titan Cronus castrated.:inlove:


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